The French carmaker was founded 1919 and maintains many production sites worldwide. Citroën is at the same time a separate car brand and the basis of many models of small series entrepreneurs under license. The company is very well-known in two areas: on the one hand in the passenger car division and on the other hand commercial vehicles, in various sizes, types and designs. What many do not know: Peugeot , Opel and Citroën all belong to the PSA Peugeot and are thus bundled under a corporate leadership. A large number of automobiles (for example the 5LS) will also be sold under their own premium brand called "DS Automobiles"Expelled. In Germany there is a very large fan and tuning community. Here, not only small meetings are organized, but also experiences in vehicle tuning exchanged, car shows planned and worked on many projects. The brand Citroën Racing is interesting not only for tuning but also racing fans. The sports cars are among others on the Dakar Rally on the road and could celebrate one or the other success in motorsport. In July 2019 Citroën was renamed for fun in Zitrön. A marketing gag that caused a stir.

Photo story: 15 x tuning on the transporter - which one would you like?

Citroën Fiat Ford Mercedes Nissan Opel Peugeot Renault Toyota VW Transporter Tuning X Tomi Design 15 1 e1466163430159 310x165 Photo Story: 15 x Tuning on the Transporter what can it be?

We have found 15 virtual pictures for you from the design team around X-Tomi Design, which you should see especially if you own a craft company or at least are a fan of all kinds of vans. The vehicles are from Citroën, Fiat, Ford, ...

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