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Mercedes-AMG G 63 from Carlsson - 23 inches and 700 PS!

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Mercedes AMG G 63 W463A Carlsson Tuning 7 Mercedes AMG G 63 from Carlsson 23 inches and 700 PS!

Almost every well-known tuner has already dealt with the Mercedes G-Class. No matter if it is a complete conversion is or just a sentence new alloy wheels. Tuning for the legendary Kraxler is available in countless variations and from just as countless many tuners. And of course the team of Carlsson Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH from Saarlouis not missing. They have recently buttoned up the top model as the G63 AMG and, in addition to some cosmetics, also installed a stately increase in performance. The factory biturbo V8 with a displacement of four liters is known to come from the Mercedes-Benz factory with 585 hp and 850 Nm of torque. But tuner Carlsson pushes the engine to 700 PS and a hefty 1.000 Nm of torque using software optimization. This means that the colossus, which weighs over 2,5 tons, is once again significantly stronger and acoustically much more present than the series.

Mercedes-AMG G 63 from Carlsson

Mercedes AMG G 63 W463A Carlsson Tuning 3 Mercedes AMG G 63 from Carlsson 23 inches and 700 PS!

Why more acoustically? Because a sports exhaust system is also part of the tuning cure. Carlsson has installed an upgrade in the form of sports rear silencers made of stainless steel, which flow into beautiful, square twin tailpipes milled from solid on both sides in front of the rear axle. And they in turn sit in matching shots in a set of new side skirts. They belong to the small Carlsson body kit for the G. The tuner does not rely on a conspicuous widebody kit, but on an aero package that only brings a front spoiler, a rear apron and the mentioned side skirts. Incidentally, the Stuttgart-based company is now bringing the newly gained performance to the road with new aluminum and the factory-fitted nine-speed sports automatic from AMG. In fact, Carlsson installs its own 589 Forged forged wheels in XXL format (10 × 23 inches) and equips the tires with slippers in the format 295/35 ZR23. The chic aluminum wheel is characterized by a mixture of Y and double spokes and, with its matt black finish, goes perfectly with the dark blue paintwork of the photo vehicle.

on request with a new interior

Incidentally, there were no changes in the cabin. Carlsson can also lend a hand here on request. An extensive and individual revision of the cabin is possible, which can even be completely manufactured according to customer requirements. You can choose from a huge selection of different materials for the decorative elements and, of course, different covers for the seats, door panels, center console or headlining. We do not currently have any more details about the Carlsson G63 AMG. If we receive information on further changes not mentioned before, there will of course be an update for this report. The best thing to do is subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Mercedes AMG G 63 W463A Carlsson Tuning 6 Mercedes AMG G 63 from Carlsson 23 inches and 700 PS!

Photos: Carlsson car technology

These are the details of the G63 AMG from Carlsson:

  • Carlsson Aero package with front spoiler, rear apron, side skirts
  • Square double tailpipes on the right and left including sports rear silencers made of stainless steel
  • Performance increase of the biturbo V8 with four liters of 585 PS and 850 Nm by means of software optimization (chip tuning) to 700 PS and 1.000 Nm
  • Tires in the format 295/35 ZR23 all around with 10 × 23 inch rims of type 589 Forged (Y and double spoke, matt black finish)
  • optional: unique interior according to customer requirements

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Mercedes-AMG G 63 (W463A) - Carlsson Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

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