More race track is not possible: Caterham Seven 420 Cup!

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Caterham Seven 420 Cup 2022 Tuning 30

Caterham is considered the epitome of lightweight sports cars and is now bringing the Seven 420 cups a new copy at the start. And the Seven 420 Cup is said to be Caterham's most track-focused driving machine ever. And the best is the Seven 420 Cup street legal. Positioned between the 420R and the Seven racer, it boasts fully adjustable settings Bilstein dampers, which can be configured in ten manually selectable firmness settings. Under the long hood pottering 2,0 liter Duratec engine with 210 PS & 203 Newton meters of torque, which ensures a weight ratio of 375 PS per ton. Then with a total weight of only 560 kilograms one is as far away from a ton empty weight as the new one lotus eletre from the essence of Colin Chapman and the Lotus brand. The performance of the Seven 420 Cup comes via a sequential Six-speed transmission from Sadev to the road and the sprint to country road speed (100 km/h) the 420 Cup completes in just 3,6 seconds. There are also a maximum of 219 things in it.

Caterham Seven 420 Cup

The 420 Cup circles up Avon ZZR or ZZS tires around the corner, taking the ZZR rubbers exclusively are for the race track. You can visually recognize the cup by a front nose in racing style with a white seven as well as a newly designed filler cap. There were also new ones at the rear LED lights and optionally you can also have one Race roll cage to order. There is also one trunk cover metal and new Mirror covers. Das chassis By the way, the cup can be configured in several sizes, and there are also special ones on the body decals and graphics. The "interior" is also decorated with a few red ones Accents on the seats, the Watch faces from the instrument cluster and on the Transmission tunnel a little jazzed up. But the whole thing has a catch. Due to local emissions regulations, Caterham are allowed to run the Seven 420 Cup just In the United Kingdom (no longer a member of the European Union) and sell in the United States.

available from 64.430 euros

In England it costs from € 64.430 and the prices for the USA are not yet known. Incidentally, the Seven 420 Cup can only be used as a Complete vehicle to be bought and not as a kit to assemble yourself. Caterham will debut the 420 Cup at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in June and the company is already taking orders. However, production has only just started Beginning 2023. If we get more information about the details of the Caterham Seven 420 Cup, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Caterham Seven 420 Cup
Photo credit: Caterham Cars
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