1973 Dodge Challenger "Chastizer" as 2021 SEMA star!

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1973 Dodge Challenger Chastizer SEMA Tuning 5 1973 Dodge Challenger Chastizer as 2021 SEMA Star!

It is one of the cars whose current generation has been on the market the longest. Of the Dodge Challenger has been offered since the model year 2008, and only got a minor model upgrade in between, which only brought about cosmetic changes. Nevertheless, the car still looks spectacular today and is immediately noticeable in traffic. This is also due to its retro design, which is clearly based on the first generation Challenger from the 1970s, and picks up on the style of old muscle cars. The current generation of the Challenger is expected to become an upcoming classic in automotive engineering, especially since it is expected to be released in 2023 is set.

Mix of styles from two generations of Challenger

But now we come to first generation of the Dodge Challenger back, which caused a sensation in the early 70s, and is still an absolute eye-catcher today, if you ever see one in the wild. Today we want you one Restomod challenger the first generation from 1973, which has been modernized so much that at first you don't realize it is not a current model acts. At this year's SEMA in Las Vegas, the vehicle that was released on MagnaFlow booth was to be visited, great sensation.

The Tuningschmiede Streamline Custom Designs from Utah, a Restomod workshop that has already restored and modified countless US classics of all years, presented this year "The Chastizer" before. The vehicle is a sensational Challenger that will soon be available at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona in late January is auctioned. With his completely cleaved bodywhich beyond aerodynamically optimized became, and therefore a streamlined roof section owns, it is unique. Adjustable thread springs and a narrower one Multilink rear suspension ensure that the unique piece crouches close to the asphalt. In order to underpin the dynamic impression, the front axle 19-inch Alus raised by Schott, which with their Y-spoke optics and bronze finish look a bit JDM or CDM rims . remember

1973 Dodge Challenger Chastizer SEMA Tuning 18 1973 Dodge Challenger Chastizer as 2021 SEMA Star!

The same came on the rear axle Rims for use, but in 20-inch format. They match the color sand beige paintwork of the Challenger, but the Y-spoke look on a classic muscle car from US production takes getting used to. Nevertheless, with this vehicle you would be the star at every US car meeting, because there are seldom such elaborately constructed restomod projects like this one.

Interior: sporty and comfortable

After opening the doors to enter the interior, one takes on comfortable looking black ones Leather seats Space that are inviting and comfortable. However, rear passengers cannot be taken with you, as the rear seat bench is a Roll cage fell victim. But who needs annoying background noises from the rear when they turn on 2.000 watt sound system von Kicker has on board, which offers so much power that you could wake up a whole block of streets with it in the early morning.

A 6,4 liter HEMI V8 provides propulsion!

Now we come to the mixture of the two generations of Challenger, because the 73 Dodge has the current one 6,4 liter HEMI V8 from the modern Challenger SRT with Scat Pack under the hood! And of course the engine is no longer standard in the Restomod. Unfortunately, we don't know how much power and torque it has ready. We only have the info that the power transmission has a Four-stage automatic takes place on the rear wheels.

1973 Dodge Challenger Chastizer SEMA Tuning 10 1973 Dodge Challenger Chastizer as 2021 SEMA Star!

Our conclusion on the Challenger "The Chastizer":

An amazing project that comes from the US state of Utah! A classic Challenger is rarely modified so elaborately, and we are excited to see how high the auction proceeds for the vehicle will be at the end of January. If you liked it, you can take a look at the picture gallery that we have added to the article at the end. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Radical 1973 Dodge Challenger "Chastizer" was one of the SEMA stars!
Photo credit: barrett-jackson.com

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