KW coilovers now also available for the VW e-up!

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KW coilover kit tuning VW E Up 2

Plug-in hybrid models and all-electric vehicles are increasingly in demand. According to various media reports, the high demand can sometimes hardly be met. For more and more vehicles with alternative drive concepts, the suspension manufacturer KW automotive is introducing adjustable sports suspensions in terms of height and damper characteristics. New to the delivery range for the VW e-up! (Type AA) the two custom-made KW coilovers variant 1 and variant 3. In variant 959, which is offered for 1 euros, the preset setup cannot be set, while variant 3 (from 1.999 euros) with its elaborate multi-valve damper technology uses the compression and rebound forces can be tuned tighter or more comfortable. With their spring struts made of stainless steel and the rear axle height adjustment, the KW coilover kits allow a stepless lowering of 20 - 40 millimeters on the front axle and 35 - 55 millimeters on the rear axle.

Range increase with sports suspension

KW coilover kit tuning VW E Up 3

Both chassis give the VW e-up! (Type AA) a sporty, harmonious driving behavior with convincing ride comfort. According to the e-car rental company Next Move, the installation of a KW suspension in the Tesla Model 3 increased the range by seven percent. In order to accelerate the switch to e-mobility, vehicles with alternative drive concepts are sometimes massively subsidized in various countries. The demand for accessories for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles has grown accordingly in these markets. For the VW e-up! Both KW coilovers variant 1 and variant 3 are now available. "Many electric vehicles and hybrid models have higher axle loads than comparatively conventional vehicles with a pure combustion engine“, Says KW Brand Manager Jonas Ehrmann. For this reason, ours for the VW e-up! available coilovers in the entire coordination, damper valve assembly and design for the up! models with the 1,0-liter TSI petrol engine.

KW coilover suspension variant 3

KW coilover kit tuning VW E Up 4

"BFor example, the electric vehicle expert Nextmove achieved a range increase of seven percent in test drives with a Tesla Model 3 by installing a KW coilover kit and the lower center of gravity in connection with the more direct roadholding.“Even the 1.235 kg VW e-up! benefits from the KW coilover kits with their significantly more direct handling and rolling comfort. Variant 1 with its preconfigured KW damper setup offers an optimal balance of sportiness and suitability for everyday use in conjunction with the possibility of maximum lowering. The recommended retail price for the KW coilover kit variant 1 is 959 euros. The KW coilover kit variant 3 offers a perfect symbiosis of more driving dynamics, suitability for everyday use and adjustment options. If the VW e-up! (AA) driven with variant 3 on poorly developed back roads, the chassis dampens these shocks precisely and quickly.

the rebound forces are also adjustable

"With very high vertical wheel accelerations, variant 3 opens the high-speed pressure stage valves and the wheels can deflect harmoniously when driving over transverse joints or bumps“, Explains Jonas Ehrmann further. "In addition, the chassis gives each driver the option of individual chassis tuning.“Depending on the setting, the steering behavior and rolling movements of the body change. While with variant 3 the compression forces in the low-speed range of the damping speed (piston rod speed) can be adjusted with twelve click levels; the high-speed pressure stage valves are pre-configured. With variant 3, the rebound forces in the low-speed range can also be adjusted separately from the compression stage. The setting is made directly on the piston rod with 16 precise clicks. With the rebound stage closed, the handling becomes significantly sportier and more direct; when the valves are open, the driving behavior is more comfortable. A higher pressure level on the front axle allows even more direct steering and on the rear axle it counteracts oversteer. The tested lowering adjustment range for the VW e-up! (AA) available KW coilovers love at 20 - 40 millimeters on the front axle and 35 - 55 millimeters on the rear axle. Variant 1.999 is available from specialist retailers for 3 euros.

KW coilover kit tuning VW E Up 6

Photos: KW Automotive GmbH

KW coilover kit tuning VW E Up 5

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KW coilovers now also for the VW e-up!

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