Chevrolet Camaro Z / 28 HPE1000 from tuner Hennessey

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In December 2014 we already have the Hennessey Camaro Z / 28 with 636 PS and the built-in HPE600 kit shown in a video. It was of course clear to us that this tuning kit for Hennessey Performance will not represent the top of the Camaro. Now the tuning company has installed the HPE1000 kit that the planned Performance is already in the name. In the video you can see that the Z / 28 pushes a solid 807 hp on the wheel and 706 ft · lb Newton meters, which corresponds to an engine output of at least 930 hp. Incidentally, since the engine has not run 1.000 miles yet, Hennessey has not yet achieved the optimum and is speculating on at least 1.000 hp. The tuning team around Hennessey performance has on this Chevrolet Camaro Z / 28 made the following changes:

(Photos: hpedesign)

  • Base: Chevrolet Camaro Z / 28 with over 500 hp and approx. 470 ft lb of torque
  • HPE1000 Kit installed
  • Forged pistons and pleul
  • improved crankshaft
  • new intercooler
  • new injectors
  • new valve train
  • 2,9 liter supercharged

If we have forgotten something you notice, then just tell us in the comment box. Should we also learn in the near future, new details about this tuning conversion, we will inform you of course in this post.

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