BUGATTI Sur Mesure presents the Chiron Pur Sport 'Grand Prix'

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BUGATTI Sur Mesure Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix 24 BUGATTI Sur Mesure presents the Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix

Even 112 years after Bugatti was founded in Molsheim, Alsace, the brand focuses on three defining elements: tradition, innovation and craftsmanship of the highest quality. Thanks to the experienced Bugatti design and development team, individual solutions for maximum product personalization are found together with the customer. The tailor-made personalization program 'Bugatti Sur Mesure' is the answer to constantly growing customer demand.

BUGATTI sur mesure

“Bugatti Sur Mesure”, translated as “tailor-made”, is based on the brand history, which is characterized by body construction, hand-made interior fittings, paintwork, decorations and body design. The program brings together the collective expertise of designers and engineers in order to meet the growing customer demand for highly personalized hyper sports cars.

As part of the official program, the “Bugatti Sur Mesure” team leads the customer through the world of possibilities. The number of available exterior colors as well as leather types and colors for configuring a Bugatti is almost unlimited. For those customers who want to create a truly unique piece of automotive art, “Bugatti Sur Mesure” is now available. From the first design concept through vehicle production to the final handover, customers receive the full and individualized Molsheim experience.

Far-reaching excellence

In recent years, Bugatti has demonstrated its profound possibilities for more extensive personalization of its hyper sports cars. In 2013, the Veyron series 'Les Légende de Bugatti' set new standards with its six exclusive models. Every single vehicle honored a single hero of the brand with personalized exterior and interior finishes.

In 2019, the Chiron 'Zebra 1 of 1' will be created for a customer from Qatar. The hyper sports car features a color scheme in Titanic Blue and Gunpower Gray, which Bugatti's talented design team applied over more than three weeks.

Single item 2021 Bugatti Divo "Lady Bug Header BUGATTI Sur Mesure presents the Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix

The Bugatti Divo 'Lady Bug' will make its debut in 2021 and will show the complex personalizations that Bugatti can make for its hyper sports cars. The highly complex, geometrically dynamic, algorithmically decaying pattern for the body of the Divo is developed within 18 months. It shows impressively how Bugatti pushes the boundaries of what is feasible in order to realize the visions of its customers.

Source of inspiration

"Bugatti Sur Mesure" is now presenting its first customer project: a Chiron Pur Sport inspired by racing driver Louis Chiron. The legend of the Bugatti brand is well received by customers and fans around the world. The early pioneers of motorsport who drove Bugatti's racing cars exude an unbroken fascination. They are still admired today for the bravery and talent they displayed on the track. Your memory is the source for the tailor-made design of the unique Chiron Pur Sport.

BUGATTI Sur Mesure Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix 14 BUGATTI Sur Mesure presents the Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix

One of the numerous victories that Louis Chiron achieved behind the wheel of a Bugatti racing car was his legendary victory at the 1931 French Grand Prix. Together with Achille Varzi, he won in a Bugatti Type 51 with starting number 32. This hand-painted number now adorns the modern hyper sports car from Bugatti. But it is just one of a multitude of tailor-made details that have been specially developed for the customer.

BUGATTI Sur Mesure Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix 11 BUGATTI Sur Mesure presents the Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix

As a tribute to the legendary Bugatti Grand Prix races in the 1920s and 1930s, Bugatti developed new procedures and processes as well as two new exterior paintwork. In addition, there is a new 'EB' paint pattern that runs over the body, which is carefully applied by hand and rounded off by an embroidered 'EB' motif in the interior on the door panels.

The '32' and the 'Grand Prix' motifs are also continued in the interior, including a special center console insert made of black, anodized aluminum with silver, hand-painted inscriptions. The motifs extend to the door sill trims, headrests and door sill trims. Other subtle features make the Chiron Pur Sport “Grand Prix” a unique product in the new range.

your own personal vision becomes reality

“For many years we have been working with our customers to turn their own personal vision of the ultimate hyper sports car into reality. It's always been an extremely individual process, ”says Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director for Sales and Marketing at Bugatti. "Since an increasing number of our customers want detailed and complex personalization, 'Bugatti Sur Mesure' ensures that we can meet their wishes with the perfect attention to detail that is required for a Bugatti."

BUGATTI Sur Mesure Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix 12 BUGATTI Sur Mesure presents the Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix

“Bugatti's motorsport heritage often fascinates our customers, so it is fitting that the first Sur Mesure order pays homage to one of our great racing icons. We are so impressed by this creation that we want to make many of this customer's ideas available to other of our customers with the Chiron Pur Sport, "says Hendrik Malinowski."

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