BUGATTI Sur Mesure: unique CHIRON Super Sport as “55 1 OF 1”

Bugatti sur Mesure has with the Chiron Super Sport “55 1 of 1” created a unique piece that captures the spirit of Jean Bugatti's Type 55. The hyper sports car was designed to pay tribute to the vehicles and looks of Jean Bugatti. The Chiron Super Sport “55 1 of 1” is an example of symbiosis Elegance and performance. But it is not only a technical marvel, but also a work of art that embodies the DNA of the Bugatti brand in every line and every detail. The collaboration between Bugatti sur Mesure, the customer and the Bugatti partner in Dubai resulted in a vehicle that takes up the history of the brand and brings it into the current era.

Bugatti CHIRON Super Sport 55 1 OF 1

The flashy one Two-tone paint, which Jean Bugatti once introduced, was integrated into the design of the “55 1 of 1”. The black and yellow visually break up the surfaces of the hyper athlete and give it a dynamic touch. A black one Centerline reminiscent of the Type 55, while yellow lines flow from the rear to the fenders. The elements create a visual connection to the historical model. And another detail is the hand-applied fading '55' pattern above the headlights and the fenders, which draws attention to the Horseshoe grill steers and narrows the front section. It's a homage to the Type 55's hull shape 10-spoke rims with the yellow 'EB' in the middle complement the design.

the cabin is also refined

The inner space of the “55 1 of 1” is just as successful as the exterior. It is covered in smooth black leather that enhances the look of the exterior and includes special accents such as embroidered headrests with the inscription “55 1 of 1”. The '55' motif in bright yellow was hand embossed Door panels sewn and as a further tribute to Jean Bugatti's visionary achievement, his signature is on the Door sills and the dedication plaque appropriate. The Chiron Super Sport “55 1 of 1” is not only a tribute to Jean Bugatti, but also a masterpiece of modern automotive art that combines the past and present of the Bugatti brand.

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BUGATTI Sur Mesure: unique CHIRON Super Sport as “55 1 OF 1”
Photo credit/source: Bugatti
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