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Chrome-red Audi A5 RS5 by & PP Performance

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Audi A5 RS5 PP Performance Tuning 2 Chrome Audi A5 RS5 by & PP Performance

What does it actually take to stand out from the crowd? We have proof that it doesn't have to be an extensive aerodynamic package, extreme lowering or huge aluminum rims. We found an Audi A5 RS5 that was set up by the foliation artists from and PP Performance. The most noticeable change relates to the complete foiling in chic chrome red matt including subtle black glossy accents. The aluminum rims as well as the roof and the radiator grille are in black on the RS5. The front Audi emblem was also painted glossy black and even the taillights were darkened significantly. In addition, there was a black lettering on the right and left of the sides PP-Performance. Especially chic we find the, integrated in the film, RS5 lettering on the tailgate can be seen. Of course, the RS5 not only looks visibly thicker but also under the bonnet.

integrated lettering at the rear

Audi A5 RS5 PP Performance Tuning 4 Chrome Audi A5 RS5 by & PP Performance

The Ingolstadt received an increase in performance on 488PS & 627NM torque which is remarkable. After all, the 38PS and almost 200NM torque are more than the production vehicle can do and, if you consider that the RS5 has a purely naturally aspirated engine, this increase in performance is all the more remarkable! As we know, you can get one not charged Engine much more difficult to elicit a few more horsepower. Incidentally, PP-Performance achieves the increase in performance by means of a modified stainless steel sports exhaust system and chip tuning. Equipped in this way, the owner should have a lot more driving fun and of course draw a lot of looks. If we get more information about the modifications to the RS5, there is of course, as always, an update for this post. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos.

Audi A5 RS5 PP Performance Tuning 3 Chrome Audi A5 RS5 by & PP Performance

(Photos: PP-Performance -

These are the changes to the Audi A5 RS5:

  • Coating all around in chrome red matt (shiny black accents)
  • Audi emblems in black
  • tinted taillights
  • Alloy wheels in black / red
  • Performance increase to 488PS & 463 ft-lb torque - (Chiptuning PP-Performance Stage 2 power upgrade kit, modified stainless steel sports exhaust system)

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PP Performance Audi A7 RS7 Sportback Tuning 7 1 e1473151848621 310x165 Chrome Audi A5 RS5 by & PP Performance

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unmissable foiling

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Chrome red Audi A5 RS5 by & PP Performance

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