Tuesday 19th October 2021

Video: Ken Blocks Climbkhana in the 1.400PS Ford Mustang AWD

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Each of the Ken blocks will follow Gymkhana7 recall. Back then, Ken raced through LA in a crazy '65 Ford Mustang with all-wheel drive and a drilled out 6,7 liter V8 and 845 hp! Last year the Mustang bullet was pushed to insane 1.400 hp we already noticed , and now come along Ken Block's Climbkhana the first official use of the variant 2. The Leichtbaumonster, nicknamed "Hoonicorn", now sets itself a memorial and occurs with Bugatti Chiron performance, at significantly less weight, to a mix of hill climb and Gymkhana drifts.

And where else could you do that if not on the legendary Pikes Peak? One of the oldest and most legendary mountain race tracks ever. Unforgettable is the phenomenal 11 minute mark of Walter Röhrl from the year 1987 in a 600 PS strong Audi Sport quattro S1, 30 Years later, the almost 20 km long route is paved but not less spectacular. Ken Block said after shooting "This car and video is actually the most blatant thing I've ever done. I am fron, not to have died ..."


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