KW V4 coilover kit now also for the Porsche Taycan!

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KW V4 coilover suspensionPorsche Taycan Y1A 13

For the Porsche Taycan with a maximum system output of 300 kW (408 hp) and rear-wheel drive, the KW V4 coilover kit with parts certificate is available. As part of the report, the coilover kit made in Germany enables a stepless lowering of up to 35 millimeters. On bad roads or high-speed stretches on the Autobahn, the chassis conveys sporty, comfortable and convincingly safe handling. What is special about the KW V4 are the high-performance dampers with their multi-valve technology. The preset basic setup can be further tuned intuitively in the driving dynamics parameters of the compression stage separately in the high and low speed of the compression stage as well as in the low-speed rebound stage. The recommended retail price for the KW V4 coilover kit for the Porsche Taycan S with electric drive is 5.716 euros.

Coilover suspension in the Porsche Taycan

Electromobility is not a major challenge for the chassis manufacturer KW automotive. The KW automotive group even develops chassis components for selected motorsport projects with alternative drive concepts such as the Audi RS Q e-tron or the Pro Electric SuperVan Concept, which was presented for the first time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. But the suspension manufacturer also has coilover suspensions with adjustable damping characteristics in its product range for more and more plug-in hybrid models and purely electric vehicles. The Porsche Taycan electric car was the third most popular Porsche vehicle in 2021 with 41.296 units sold - Porsche Macan 88.362 vehicles delivered and Porsche Cayenne with 83.071 units - worldwide. Now the KW V4 coilover kit for the electric Porsche has been released. "With our KW V4 for the Taycan, we rely on our well-known multi-valve technology," says KW Brand Manager Florian Johann.

This technology developed by KW automotive ensures a significant increase in cornering stability at high speeds. The tendency of the body structure to roll is reduced. During the development of the Taycan coilover suspension, the focus was on driving fun and an improvement in driving and lateral dynamics. In addition, the KW dampers with their adjustable multi-valve technology increase driving comfort with maximum lowering. “Due to the compression and rebound damping, which can be adjusted independently in the low-speed and high-speed range, the preset performance setting can be intuitively changed to a ride-comfort-oriented setting,” says Florian Johann, describing the damper setting. With 16 precise clicks, the rebound forces can be changed to firmer handling or more comfort. The two compression adjustment wheels allow the steering behavior and other parameters such as ride comfort and tire grip to be taken into account.

wide window for an individual chassis tuning

With six clicks in the low-speed compression stage (seven characteristic curves) and 15 clicks in the high-speed compression stage (16 characteristic curves), there is a wide window for individual suspension tuning. "Just a few clicks give the Taycan a gain in terms of driving dynamics or driving comfort - depending on the individual suspension setting. Our customers and specialist trade partners who specialize in electric vehicles always report that the installation of a KW coilover suspension even increases the range. With the Tesla Model 3, for example, this is up to seven percent.” A parts certificate is always included with the KW V5.716 coilover kit, which costs from 4 euros. According to this, a stepless lowering of 5 to 30 millimeters can be set on the front axle and 5 to 35 millimeters on the drive axle

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Three-way adjustable coilover kit for Porsche Taycan: KW V4 coilover kit for Porsche's electric sports sedan
Photo credit: KW Automotive GmbH
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