Corvette C8 from tuner Hennessey with H700 kit and 708 HP!

Corvette C8 Tuner Hennessey H700 Kit 2

It is one of the icons of sports car construction, and even though it has only had a sports car-typical rear engine layout since the current generation, it has been a champion of fast lap times for several model series. Originally launched in the 50s as a luxurious convertible, the "Vette" developed over time into the quintessential American super sports car. Of course, this does not go unnoticed by tuning smiths, and so the US tuner Hennessey is now presenting a compressor kit that significantly increases the engine performance of the basic C8 model.

Mixed tires with ultra-light rims

Of course, such a power upgrade does not come alone, and it is therefore also possible to select special wheel-tire combinations. Extra-light forged wheels in 19 or 20 inch format are available in three different finishes, which include satin black, brushed aluminum and graphite grey. But that's not all, because decorative strips, which are attached to the side skirts to differentiate the compressor Vette from the basic model, can be ordered by the customer in either red, silver, black, white or blue. In addition, all buyers benefit from a manufacturer's warranty that is valid for either three years or up to 36.000 miles (approx. 57.936 km).

There are no changes in the interior!

Corvette C8 Tuner Hennessey H700 Kit 4

According to our information, no modifications are made to the interior, which means that the comfort and safety features of the C8 are retained. However, there may be additional highlights available for purchase for an additional charge. For all sports car lovers for whom a conventional Corvette C8 with its 490 HP & 630 Newton meters of maximum torque is too weak, Hennessey has the right package on offer.

Thanks supercharged using a centrifugal supercharger with an extra large air passage, a custom intercooler, and an optional one Sports exhaust system With the H700 kit, the Corvette generates a mighty 708 HP and gigantic 865 Newton meters of maximum torque. Equipped in this way, the Z06 is superfluous, because in terms of performance, it sees no country against the gem from Hennessey. Unfortunately, we do not (yet) have exact performance figures. But due to the brute power and the breathtaking torque, the driving values ​​should be in the league of super sports cars.

Our conclusion:

  • With all the modifications, the kit costs a whopping $49.950 in the US. If you only want the performance increase without rims or decals, you still have to pay a staggering 34.950 US dollars. But you get a kit that conjures up an ultra-cheap hypercar from one of the cheapest supercars in the world. If we get more information, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Corvette C8 from tuner Hennessey with H700 kit and 708 HP.
Photo credit: Hennessey performance
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