With 680 HP "naturally aspirated" engine: the Corvette Z06 Generation C8!

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Corvette Z06 Generation C8 2022 2023 20 With 680 HP naturally aspirated engine: the Corvette Z06 Generation C8!

A little over two years have passed since the US car manufacturer Chevrolet presented us with the latest generation of the Corvette. Not only has the look been completely redesigned with the entry-level C8 Stingray, but also a change in the Engine arrangement from front to mid-engine was there. While the C8 Stingray has only recently been available from official dealers in Europe in addition to direct import, Chevrolet's design engineers are already in the States one step further. Following a picture published in the last few weeks, the next model variant is now celebrating its premiere. As is already the case with its predecessors, the new Corvette receives the name affix Z06 and becomes the fifth model in the Z06 series. The new Vette puts its predecessor in the shade not only because of its brute drive, but also the one significantly revised optics sets new standards.

Uncompromising announcement

Enlarged air intakes with wide-meshed grating, especially on the side of the apron below the headlights, make the entire front of the vehicle appear worlds more aggressive. Even on the sidelines, no testosterone was saved. It owes its muscular appearance on the one hand to the huge gaping behind the door and highlighted in black, air intake, on the other hand, also leaves the nine centimeters widened body, the Z06 are more stable and dangerous than their predecessor.

The wheel arches will have new rims in the dimensions 10 × 20 inches and 13 × 21 inches filled. This is available to the buyer different designs to select. As a highlight, however, the optionally available ones undoubtedly stand out carbon rims emerged. At the rear of the vehicle, Chevrolet surprises us in the standard version with a large one spoiler, Also the air intakes below the taillights have been enlarged. For maximum aggressiveness, the optics can be combined with the optional Z07 Performance Package further taken to extremes. This includes, among other things, a brutal one rear wing and lateral Downforce flaps at the frontline.

Corvette Z06 Generation C8 2022 2023 13 With 680 HP naturally aspirated engine: the Corvette Z06 Generation C8!

In contrast to the Stingray, where the rear silencer is provided with two pairs of tailpipes, the silencer of the Z06 is again based on the familiar C7 construction: a central rear silencer with four fat, round ones tailpipes. When driving in the higher speed range, these emit infernal sounds, which, due to the shrill pitch, arouse direct associations with a thoroughbred racing car.

Puristic V8 vacuum cleaner with 679 hp

The first-class engine sound has its origin in the newly developed from the ground up LT6 V8 gasoline engine, with an enormous displacement of 5,5 liters. Despite consciously doing without one turbocharging the Brocken does an impressive job 679 PS and 623 Nm torque. This crowns him for the most powerful V8 naturally aspirated engine ever mass-produced. The critical speed range only starts at the fabulous 8.600 revolutions

The most important distinguishing features of the engine are the weight-saving Aluminum block, a reinterpreted cylinder head with CNC-milled combustion chambers and two overhead camshafts (DOHC), forged Pistons and connecting rods, an active one intake with two throttle valves and the flow-optimized Stainless steel exhaust manifold. In combination with the one already known from the C8 Stingray Eight-speed dual clutch transmission the engine catapults the Z06 within just 2,6 seconds from 0 to 60 mph which corresponds to a speed of 96,5 km / h. In order to bring the floor to a standstill in a controlled and safe manner, the buyer has the choice between configuration when it comes to configuration different braking systems. On the front axle there are disks up to 398 mm and on the rear axle up to 390 mm possible. And if you have the necessary change, you can choose the carbon-ceramic composite discs from racing.

2023 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06 LT6 engine V8 5 With 680 hp naturally aspirated engine: the Corvette Z06 generation C8!

Incidentally, the suspension is characteristic of the chassis Double wishbone axle, whereby the overhead wishbones were forged, resulting in improved strength and significant weight savings. Permanent traction is ensured by high-quality Monotube damper and a Stabilisator guaranteed at the back. That's on the rear axle Magnetic Selective Ride Control 4.0 Sytsem Installed as standard, but can also be ordered for the front axle at a surcharge. The Z06 also has a electronic differential lock and if the Z07 Performance Package is on board, you benefit from a special one suspension tuning.

Change is in the details

Anyone who is already familiar with the interior of the Corvette Stingray will immediately feel at home when looking into the Z06. Chevrolet designers have saved themselves fundamental changes. The cockpit is designed as a driver-oriented workplace, with one that is strongly inclined towards the pilot Infotainment screen. Behind that, in racing style above and below flattened steering wheel is located fully digital dashboard display. A significant upgrade compared to the Stingray becomes through the use of several Carbon insoles achieved. Depending on the carbon package, this is expressed, for example, in the complete package Center console made of carbon or a Carbon rim on the steering wheel.

Those who are not into carbon can do it against one Stealth aluminum package exchange. As with the Stingray, the seats are in three variants made available for selection by GT1 over GT2 up to Competition sport. In general, a high value is placed on individualization, so configurations can be put together in a wide variety of designs. Alone for them Seat belt and brake caliper colors there are six colors, in the interior even seven and the body will be available in twelve paint finishes.

Start of production in summer 2022

The Z06 was presented in two body versions: As Targa Coupé and as a convertible. Production will start in summer 2022, when the Z06 will roll off the assembly line as both a left-hand and right-hand drive. And we are sure that sooner or later the Z06 will officially conquer the European market. Only the “when” is still unclear, and the question of the price also remains unanswered. We can only speculate about this for the time being. In Germany, the C7 Z06 cost at least € 99.500 and we expect the new model to start at around € 105.000.

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Corvette Z06 generation C8 model 2022/2023!
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