Green cast - Dacia Logan with widebody and crazy foiling!

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Dacia Logan Widebody Work Wheels Tuning 2

Did you know that the Dacia Logan is also sold as Renault Logan, Lada Largus, Nissan NP200, Nissan Aprio, Mahindra Renault Logan and as Mahindra Verito? So there are probably more names for the Logan than equipment details. The first generation in particular was extremely sparsely equipped and visually boring. In the meantime, however, this has changed significantly and the Logan, especially as a practical MCV II, is rightly an extremely popular and often sold vehicle. The sedan, which is less successful in Germany, has also become a decent vehicle with the 2017 model year and the associated facelift. Since the SCe 75, Dacia now has a three-cylinder petrol engine with almost 1 liter displacement and 55 KW / 75 PS at the start and only the below-average safety technology is still a major shortcoming.

Widebody kit on a Dacja Logan

Dacia Logan Widebody Work Wheels Tuning 4

And with this copy from the first generation of a tuner and Dacja enthusiast, the security technology just mentioned is virtually non-existent. And the owner did not invest in this problem either, but rather put a lot of capital into the modification of the Logan. All around there was a body kit with new aprons, widenings for the wheel arches, side skirts, a bonnet with a large air opening and there was also a fixed rear wing. In addition, a NoName grille and the darkened and partially painted body color headlights do not come from the accessories. you are self made from VW Jetta and Touareg components. They now even seem to be equipped with xenon lights and headlight cleaning systems and no longer with the halogen glitter ex works. And new rear lights are also installed at the rear, which are completely darkened and bring modern LED technology.

Oracal 970 foiling on the widebody Dacja

Dacia Logan Widebody Work Wheels Tuning 8

The entire body is wrapped in a bright green (Oracal 970 vinyl), which is a foiling and not one Painting acts. In combination with the many black accents and the completely darkened windows, the choice of color is quite striking, but somehow cool as we think. And the wheel set is also quite suitable. There are sporty Work Wheels alloy wheels in matt bronze (AHG) in 17 inches and if we are correct, it is the type Emotion T7R which is covered with Michelin Pilot Sport 3 summer tires (205/45/17). By means of a significant lowering due to an Airride air suspension, the one-piece rim sits optimally in the wheel arch and the setup is visually rounded off with 4 blue wheel bolts each. Another highlight is the extensive foiling in the interior.

Sticker bomb design in the cabin

Dacia Logan Widebody Work Wheels Tuning 5

The trim strips in the doors, the originally only painted interior parts of the doors up to the frames of the retrofitted speakers of an apparently complete sound system (Pioneer 2DIN radio, Hertz subwoofer, etc.) are in Sticker bomb design covered and thus a stark contrast to the paint on the outside. And a lot has happened even on the engine. The four-cylinder was upgraded to 150 HP and 240 Nm of torque using a new Garrett turbocharger, stainless steel exhaust system from U-Power and the corresponding software. The brake system is also adapted to the performance, which now also has disc brakes at the rear. In principle, the vehicle is well made as we find it and the ultimate proof that even a boring Dacia can turn into an eye-catcher. If we receive timely information on further changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Dacia Logan Widebody Work Wheels Tuning 6

(Photo / s: Alex Tupikin)

Dacia Logan Widebody Work Wheels Tuning 7

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Dacia Logan with body kit and crazy paint!

Dacia Logan Widebody Work Wheels Tuning 2

Dacia Logan Widebody Work Wheels Tuning 8

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