Dartz Red Russian G 63 AMG 6 × 6 ... Without words!

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How do you actually describe the Dartz Red Russian G 63 AMG 6 × 6? How do you even go about contributing to such a part? I don't really know because the pictures say everything here. The Latvian-based tuning company seems to be gathering a wet… around the subject of the environment, eco and co.

Dartz Red Russian G 63 AMG 6 × 6 ... Without words!

(Photos: Dartz)

Mercedes is actually crazy enough that they even brought the G 63 AMG 6 × 6 onto the market. To then tune the monster is of course one more thing. But Brabus has already shown us that 1 or 2 times. Dartz has changed the front bumper and actually every screwable part of the 6 × 6.

Dartz Red Russian G 63 AMG 6 × 6 ... Without words!Everything has been replaced by carbon. The most noticeable change is probably the paint, the hand-applied, colorful Carmourflage paint can be ordered in yellow-red or pink-orange on request and, according to Dartz, should at least be reminiscent of the Russian Matryoshka doll with the pink copy. The animal rights activists among us will be very happy that the carpet is made of shark skin. A Bang & Olufsen system has now also made it inside.

Dartz Red Russian Tuning G 6x6 3 Dartz Red Russian G 63 AMG 6 × 6 ... Without words!However, there are no other technical changes. Incidentally, there is also the gas can and a baseball bat in the look of the car. The latter is likely to be intended for animal rights activists. If you want more precise prices, you have to contact Dartz directly.


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