DarwinPro BKSSII Style Widebody Kit & Co. on the BMW M4!

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DarwinPro BKSSII Style Widebody Kit Co. BMW M4 M3 G80 G82 G83 Tuning 16

The specialists for carbon aerodynamic parts "DarwinPro" have the latest news on an extensive tuning program for the BMW M3 Sedan (G80), the M4 Coupe (G82) and also for the G83 Cabriolet, which is now available. And if you pull out all the stops and install all available components, then the M even becomes a Widebody monster. At least if you use the so-called "BKSSII Style Wide Body Kit" Installed. Because in this case you even have one for the rear axle fender flares included. In general, however, there are several variants with regard to the aprons, the side skirts or the hood. Ultimately, the only thing that matters here is personal taste. And as far as we know, almost all components can also be bought individually.

DarwinPro carbon body kit(s)

By the way, the components from DarwinPro almost always consist of Carbon and you can usually see it directly, since only sporadically painted carbon parts are used. In principle, of course, almost every carbon component can also be painted over in the vehicle color or whatever. For the front, the BKSSII Style Wide Body Kit has a completely new one apron with massive spoiler at the start, the side with optional canards is added. And the controversial XXL kidneys are on the inside, like them from the CSL shaped. There is also one called BKSSII bonnet, which looks extremely aggressive with its side vents. However, there are several versions here as well. So is one OEM style hood available, which, however, is completely made of visible carbon.

many changes at the rear

DarwinPro BKSSII Style Widebody Kit Co. BMW M4 M3 G80 G82 G83 Tuning 22

On the side, the lines are supplemented with massive ones side skirts and the fender receive new decorative grilles. And the rear has been particularly massively changed. The most striking feature here is the BKSSII style carbon spoiler on the tailgate. The BKSS variant is a little less massive, but still quite noticeable. And one too MP style rear wing in the typical swan neck design is available. And no less spectacular is the BKSS style rear diffuser with a central LED light, which, however, is replaced by the optional BKSSII rear skirt is easily topped again. In combination with those mentioned above extensions for the side walls, the M4 mutates into an absolute spoiler monster.

partly for M3, M4 or M4 Cabriolet

DarwinPro BKSSII Style Widebody Kit Co. BMW M4 M3 G80 G82 G83 Tuning 17

The majority of the components are suitable for the M3, the M4 or the M4 Cabriolet. However, this does not apply to all parts. the BKSSII rear skirt there is currently not for the M3, which also for the fender attachments applies to the back. the side skirts and the Full carbon kidneys (also as an insert), on the other hand, are again available for all vehicles. The same applies to the IMP style or the BKSSII bonnet. The huge BKSSII rear wing, on the other hand, can only be installed on the M4 and the M4 Cabriolet. This is the best place to look darwinproaero.com website through and imagines his own Tuning unique together. Various are also available wheelsets, Lowering down to details like Carbon engine covers, braces or Carbon seat covers. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

DarwinPro BKSSII Style Widebody Kit Co. BMW M4 M3 G80 G82 G83 Tuning 13

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DarwinPro BKSSII Style Widebody Kit & Co. on the BMW M4!
Photo credit: DarwinPRO Aerodynamics
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