2022 Datsun 240Z "The Lion's Rock Commission" Restomod!

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Restomod 2022 Datsun 240Z The Lions Rock Commission MZR Roadsports 3

The MZR Roadsports team has specialized in the old Datsun 240Z (a Japanese icon with a worldwide following) to the so-called Restomod to rebuild. MZR comes from Great Britain and is for the Datsun 240Z sort of what Singer for the Porsche 911. And the vehicle below showcases one of the company's beautiful ideas of what the perfect 240Z could look like. The project calls itself official 2022 Datsun 240Z "The Lion's Rock Commission" and got a lot of modern details from MZR Roadsports without restricting the drivability or even diluting the design and the typical 240Z properties. In other words, there is still the almost perfect weight distribution of 50:50, there is still rear-wheel drive, a manual transmission is installed and of course a straight-six cylinder works under the sheet metal. In principle, however, one can say that the MZR team has managed the almost impossible task of reinventing the classic Japanese sports car without ruining its identity.

The Lion's Rock Commission

Incidentally, MZR installs converted ones in all Datsun 240Zs that you have restored Engines. MZR continues to rely on the In-line six-cylinder family of the L series, but you offer different variants for the customer. They range from 2,8 to 3,1 liter displacement and even a so-called "evolution package" in the form of a 3,2-liter with around 340 PS should follow. Even a Nissan DOHC straight-six is ​​being considered at the moment. But that is (still) a dream of the future. All MZR engines are, by the way Naturally aspirated engines with a beautiful Individual throttle system. The 240Z conversions exclusively have rear-wheel drive and will come with an improved Five-speed manual and a Limited slip differential delivered. Besides, these are Fuel system, the Fuel tank, the Exhaust System, the Bremsanlage and other components specially tailored to the respective project and of course from the present. MZR also installed one half cage behind the seats for improved body rigidity and safety.

It's all about the small details!

Restomod 2022 Datsun 240Z The Lions Rock Commission MZR Roadsports 19

However, if you look at a standard vehicle and one from MZR, you have to look closely to see the details. At least that's true for the layman. Incidentally, only vehicles from the west coast of California are used as a basis, as they provide the best basis in terms of substance (rust). Each vehicle is initially made to very high standards restauriert and then the body will be something in detail widened. MZR Roadsports manufactures every original body part Carbon so that the end product is particularly light. And that also applies to interior components dashboard and Seats. But since almost everything on the body is painted in the same color as the car, you can't really see the carbon parts. In addition, MZR installed chic Custom rims with a lot of low bed in a classic look and discreet stickers with "240Z" lettering are not missing either.

Sporty interior in every vehicle!

And the Interior of the MZR Roadsports Datsun 240Z is just as high-quality as the body. The attention to detail goes far beyond the mere modernization of the classic. You can see the cabin at the end as an upscale version of the original. Everything is completely revised without deviating much from the original. the Seats have carbon fiber shells and are also covered with nappa leather. In the end, MZR creates a Datsun 240Z, which is still a Japanese sports car from the 1970s, but because of the many small details and the modern technology together with modern engineering has been rejuvenated by 50 years. And because the in-line six-cylinder still has a carburetor, there is also the classic background noise from the central dual exhaust listen. What more do you want? If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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2022 Datsun 240Z "The Lion's Rock Commission" from tuner MZR Roadsports
Photo credit: MZR Roadsports / Info: topspeed.com

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