Unique piece: 1966 Datsun Sports Fairlady Restomod!

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1966 Datsun Sports Fairlady Restomod japanese classics 1 unique item: 1966 Datsun Sports Fairlady Restomod!

Have you ever heard from the car dealer and importer Japanese Classics based in Richmond, Virginia, heard? The company specializes in importing Japanese vehicles directly from Japan and has long made a name for itself in the American market. And always be from Japanese Classics fantastic individual pieces presented and this one Fairlady retro conversion is the ultimate example of the company's efficiency. The vehicle was already used SEMA 2019 presented and concretely it is a 1966 Datsun Sports 1600, de is also called Fairlady. The vehicle had been owned by Chris Bishop for a good 2019 years in 12 (Owner of Japanese Classics) and provided an excellent platform for the renovation. For Chris, the most important aspect of the project was, "To keep the '60s feel but to modernize it in the right way". In other words, what didn't exist back then shouldn't be used if possible.

Datsun Sports Fairlady Restomod

The engine got no Turbochargers donated because this technology celebrated its premiere in the 60s in the Chevrolet Corvair Monza and the Oldsmobile Jetfire, but the exhaust gas turbocharger did not yet play a significant role in Japan. So Bishop decided to use the engine as a naturally aspirated to leave.

Another thing that Bishop cared about was reliability. If necessary, the tailor-made one-off piece should also be available as a Daily driver work and can be used every day without any problems. Bishop said in an interview: "I wanted to build a car that always starts reliably. But I didn't want to equip it with a special ECU and constantly tune and optimize it". Therefore, the choice fell on the Autech S15 SR20DE engine with an OEM engine management system.

approx. 200 hp provide propulsion

1966 Datsun Sports Fairlady Restomod japanese classics 8 unique item: 1966 Datsun Sports Fairlady Restomod!

Still, the engine was contemporary pimped. He got a Freed Engineering Air Intake System, Stainless Manifolds and a special one Exhaust System put aside. The latter is even with one Motorcycle muffler equipped by Yoshimura. Tuning the engine increases the performance about 200 PSwhich is more than enough for the light sports roadster to have loads of fun. And when converting the engine, one also consciously relies on the optics respected. The engine compartment is tidy and alone in the Valve covers There are over 40 hours of manual labor involved. Everything is extremely clean and tidy and the result looks like a vintage racing car from a museum. Anyone who is not familiar with the type of vehicle could even mistake the roadster for a production vehicle.

optical changes to the body

The of Japanese Classics rebuilt Datsun Roadster got significantly sharpened fender flares, there was a big one spoiler for the front apron and beyond Chrome elements like the front grille and the bezels around the headlights and taillights, the elegant design. The one, on the other hand, takes getting used to yellow headlights on the driver's side, which, however, perfectly matches the Painting harmonizes in elegant metallic green. And of course the classic three-part models also have a huge part in the chic look Work Wheels Equip 40 rims. They perfectly round off the look of the vehicle. Incidentally, one of the most complicated changes was the extremely low one Windshield. It was an essential part of the racing cars of the 60s and was based on them. Optical is that Speedster style definitely cool, but certainly less comfortable at high speeds. However, the specially made disc can also be used again against the original it will be exchanged.

The cabin is also contemporary

And it can even be at any time Hardtop screwed, which means that the classic can be used in any weather. The cabin has a high quality Leather seats Refined up to the door panels and in addition there are ultra-light and specially made ones Racing seats with a visual similarity to the Nismo seats the 80s. the Dashboard displays Incidentally, they are still installed ex works, but they were made by Global Tech Instruments complete restauriert and with modern Electronics equipped. At the end... The overall project “Datsun Sports 1600 from 1966 with contemporary restomod allures“Is an absolute highlight and is second to none. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Unique piece: 1966 Datsun Sports Fairlady Restomod!
Photo credit: Japanese Classics

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