Luxury interior in the Defender from the PS saddlery!

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Luxury interior Land Rover Defender L663 PS upholstery 7

No question, from a technical point of view the new (we mean the L663 Land Rover Defender) superior to its predecessor, which was built for decades. And that also applies to the quality inside and out. But as it is, there are always people who want “more”. So does the owner of this Defender. He wanted a much better quality one Interior and found nothing suitable in Land Rover's factory customization and upgrade options. So he sought contact with the people living in Bergkamen PS saddlery. And the specialists for upholstery work and surface refinements have given the British off-roader a new interior concept. And in the form of a combination of grained Leather in black, leather in Classic Red and Alcantara in black.

Luxury interior in Defender

That was it dashboard, the width center console and Steering wheel, the door panels and the Seats equipped front and back. There are also two illuminated red lights horizontally above the dashboard covered with black, grained leather Elements. You frame that instrument cluster and the inside Alcantara executed "Defender" relief in front of the passenger. In addition, the side is painted in Santorini Black metallic "clip“ flanked with plastic elements. And the shape and line language, including the mix of materials from the dashboard, also led the PS upholstery shop to the door panels away, which, by the way, has been designed asymmetrically on the driver and passenger side. And as already mentioned it is Steering wheel also revised. And not just by means of Alcantara, but for a more comfortable grip Kranz upholstered and to the material Alcantara still with red Leather overdrawn. Incidentally, the factory-installed one is still fully functional Heated steering wheel.

red elements on the center console

Red ones run lengthways through the vehicle as eye-catchers Elements on the center console, with a wide Armrest made of black leather and matching red ones Decorative stitching. Future Land Rover Defender vehicles can now use the interior concept as a PS upholstery shop Custom package obtained, in which the processed materials as well as the colors can be individually selected by the customer. If we get more information about the changes to the Land Rover Defender from the PS saddlery, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Luxury interior Land Rover Defender L663 PS upholstery 11

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Defender luxury interior from the PS saddlery!
Photo credit: PS saddlery (Halverscheid & Grocholl OHG)

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