Land Rover Defender Restomod with 450 hp Tesla drive

ECD Land Rover Defender Restomod Tesla drive Elektromod 4

This 2+2+2 seater Land Rover Defender 110 Restomod – as Project Briton – is ready for the future! It comes from the US tuner ECD Automotive Design, who are known to have specialized in conversions based on the classic Defender. And this copy got the technology from the house Tesla Motors donated. This turns the cult off-roader into a full-fledged one Electric car. The step had already been announced with the "E-Lander" in 2020 and there has been one ever since Range Rover Classic with Tesla drive by ECD And now another vehicle is ready. In fact, two. There is more information about the second copy at the end of the article. Let's start with the interior of Project Briton. There is one Nappa leather interior in sand and black from the Porsche shelf, which are even heated and air-conditioned in the first two rows Seats brings from Recaro. To do this, you installed a Evander wooden steering wheel, specific Instruments for the electric drive and as (almost) always is a Infotainment system installed by Alpine. It is combined with Infinity speakers and a JL subwoofer. Even on one Wi-Fi hotspotVarious USB ports, wireless charging options for smartphones, one Blind Spot Warner, looking forward and backward Cameras and parking sensors does not have to be renounced.

even with rear air conditioning

A Rear air conditioning, One Luggage compartment with a teak floor and storage box with a leather-upholstered lid, the changes are essentially rounded off on the inside. And the technology? It is partly not by ECD The tuner, which previously called itself the East Coast Defenders and comes from Kissimmee (Florida), is cooperating with the British company with regard to the "electric vehicles". Electric Classic Cars (ECC), who in turn are specialists in converting electric drives into classic vehicles.

ECC delivers the Tesla e-drive inklusive Batteries and ECD then plugs the Tesla electric motor into that Transfer Case of the defender. The permanent ones remain all wheel drive and those driven by a cardan shaft rigid axles receive. For a good weight distribution, the Tesla batteries 50% integrated in the front and 50% in the rear of the Defender ladder frame. According to the company, the engine power in this vehicle is full 456 PS and the battery capacity of 100 kilowatt hours can also be seen. It should go from 0 to 100 km/h in around five seconds go and the charging time is about five hours. With an economical driving style, a range of good 350 kilometers be inside.

no fuel nozzle, but a charging cable

ECD Land Rover Defender Restomod Tesla drive Elektromod 2

Incidentally, when it comes to the wheelset, you rely on beefy ones Kahn design rims of the Mondial type, including the BF Goodrich Rugged Trail T/A with deep tread Off-road tires all around. Even the one built into the rear pivoting spare wheel is fully usable. The rest of the changes, on the other hand, are known from the previous ECD vehicles. And the in-house is also installed in this Defender air suspension, there were reinforced axles with Differential locks and in view of Bremsanlage one relies on the manufacturer Brembo. And we already know all the other restomod measures from the ECD burners. lacquered is it complete restored Incidentally, the classics came in shiny “Cool Khaki Grey” and there was also an alpine white roof and matte black Accents. Next, the front enjoys a Grille with a heritage look and the Metal apron carries a cow catcher, LED auxiliary lights and a strong one Warning winch. It continues with robust side built-in footboards with silver-colored inlays, there were special ones Entry aids, LED work lights from Hella and even one Presenters um den Roof rack is about to be reached.

Project Morpheus with similar luxury

And, as already mentioned, there is even an E-Defender. He calls himself Project Morpheus and is painted dark blue, with a white roof. He gets up too Kahn rims with BF Goodrich tires. This time, however, of the "1983" type in 18 inches and with All season tires of the Long Trail T/A variety. There is a black one on the vehicle grid grill, black and rubberized sidebars, two LED lights at the rear and the rest essentially corresponds to the Britton version, apart from the fact that at the front Roof rack four rounds LED auxiliary lights are installed. In terms of Leather seats one relies on a darker color scheme with contrasting ones Decorative stitching and the Bluetooth infotainment and the subwoofer come from Kenwood. JL speakers are also installed. So far, however, there are only virtual renderings of the images. If we get more information, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Project Morpheus ECD Defender Restomod Tuning

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ECD Land Rover Defender Restomod with Tesla drive
Photo credit: ECD Automotive Design

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