Diamond Edition Carbon Fiber Shelby Cobra Race Car!

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Diamond Edition Carbon Fiber Shelby Cobra Racing Car 2022 Tuning 3

Already the old one Shelby Cobra wasn't exactly a heavyweight. The tubular frame, aluminum body and 7-litre V8 in the Mark III Cobra together tipped the scales at just 1.090 kg. And the Cobra kit cars with fiberglass bodies were even up to 90 kilograms lighter, depending on the engine. But now there's a 1965 Cobra out Full carbon from the tuner Classic Recreations, which is even easier. And Classic Recreations has permission from Shelby American, official CSX serial numbers (CSX4521 to CSX4530) to use the Cobracontinuation cars to build. And according to the latest press release from Shelby American, the one manufactured by Classic Recreations carbon fiber body weigh only 88 pounds (39,92 kg). And if you look at the photos, it is clear that this also includes the bonnet and the doors. Officially, the planned vehicle is referred to as "Diamond Edition Carbon Fiber Shelby Cobra Race Car". And the key word in the designation is the reference to "Rennwagen".

little weight, big engine

Diamond Edition Carbon Fiber Shelby Cobra Racing Car 2022 Tuning 4

Shelby's official press release states that the new vehicle will be specifically described as "finished racing car“ and will therefore apparently be delivered without road approval. And they state that the Diamond Edition Cobra can easily compete with modern hypercars, while offering more comfort and a better driving experience than older Cobras. A statement by Jason Engel, who is the founder and vice president of design and technology at Classic Recreations, also fits in with this: “Carroll Shelby taught me the importance of pushing the envelope through innovation and passion. One of Carroll's dreams has always been to pack the largest possible engine into the lightest, most agile vehicle imaginable. And we are honored to have mastered this challenge."

with 800 hp and rear-wheel drive

there are diamond badging, a commemorative Carroll Shelby signature on the dash, the body is autoclave-hardened carbon fiber, the cabin is larger for more legroom

The Carbon Cobra will be a completely new one Chassis with modern technology and no tubular frame. Under the hood sits a Ford Performance Coyote V8 third generation, the one with a VMP supercharger about 800 PS sent to the rear wheels. The racer is switched with a Tremec T56 six-speed manual transmission and for a befitting deceleration shall one Six-piston Wilwood brake system care all around. However, the price is just as spectacular. Because the 10 Planned vehicles in honor of Shelby American's 60th anniversary are said to be at least $ 1,2 million costs. The Cobra is built and assembled by an elite team of designers and engineers in a new division of Classic Recreations. If we get more information, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Diamond Edition Carbon Fiber Shelby Cobra Racing Car 2022 Tuning 4

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Carbon Fiber Shelby Cobra packs 800hp into a 40kg body!
Photo credit: Shelby American

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