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F9: 1968 Dodge Charger with V8 mid-engine for Dom!

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1968 Dodge Charger V8 mid-engine Dom F9 2 F9: 1968 Dodge Charger with V8 mid-engine for Dom!

In Fast & Furious 9 Dom (Vin Diesel) will once again get a very special Dodge. Of course, he remains true to the “Dodge Boy” tradition. Because in “Fast & Furious” he has always driven vehicles of the American car brand. Of course, the one will not be forgotten 1970 Dodge Charger 1327 with compressor and the huge (fake) wheelie at the last drag race. And in the new film "F9" Dom drives a matt black one 1968 Dodge Charger 500 with mid-engine right behind the front seats. Instead of the back seat, you can see a huge one Hellcrate Redeye 6,2-liter Supercharged HEMI V8 behind a Plexiglass pane. Plus there is Old school bucket seats with leather upholstery in black and with a low backrest Aluminum sports steering wheel, Plexiglas / Makrolon side windows and certainly an insane loud soundscape from the V8 behind the driver.

Dodge Charger with V8 mid-engine

A look through the rear window also shows the huge V8 engine and one coupled to it Magnaflow sport exhaust system. In addition, the Charger R / T got one Lowering, a new Deep bed wheel set in dark gold, a matt black finish with contrasting colors R / T lettering in the stern area, retractable headlights, modified front fendersthat curve inward and the dimensions are even bigger towards the rear.

Click here widened the fenders the coupe is even more extreme. We'll probably only see more details about the vehicle in the film. Other vehicles in Fast & Furious 9 are a 2020 Toyota Supra, a Yamaha YZ 450 F., Honda NSX from 2018, a current one Jeep Gladiator, Noble M600 from 2018, a Chevrolet Nova SS Born in 1974, a Shelby Ford Mustang GT-350 and an Pontiac Fiero.

a few details of the other vehicles

By the way: F9 is the official name for the ninth edition of Fast & Furious. The US premiere will be on 25. June take place and debut in the UK, Germany etc on 8. July. Here are a few more details about the changes to some of the other vehicles from F9.

  • Toyota Supra with lowering, other aluminum, orange-black body
  • Pontiac Fiero with jet engine in black and red
  • Noble M600 with a striking aubergine paintwork and bright yellow accents
  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 with an air scoop on the hood

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Don't worry, of course that was far from being the case when it came to auto / auto tuning. Our magazine still has tens of thousands other tuning reports in stock. Do you want to see them all? Then just click HERE and look around. Or are you particularly interested in everything to do with the Fast & Furious film series? Then the following extract with other vehicles is definitely the right one.

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Fast Furious Paul Walker Toyota Supra MK4 Replica Header 310x165 F9: 1968 Dodge Charger with V8 mid-engine for Dom!

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video lycan hypersport in the film f 310x165 F9: 1968 Dodge Charger with V8 mid-engine for Dom!

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