From another time: Dodge WC26 "SUV" as Restomod!

Tuning Dodge WC26 SUV Restomod 3

Like a prehistoric beast from a completely different time! This completely turned inside out Dodge WC26 seems completely out of our time and that's exactly why it's so extremely cool. But what exactly is the basis for the unique? It is a Dodge of the toilet series, which is also popularly called "Beeps". The WC series consisted of military vehicles that Dodge built for the US Army during World War II. Whether it's a weapon carrier, truck, reconnaissance vehicle, engineering vehicle or ambulance, the WC series was incredibly flexible. An impressive 38 variants were built based on the toilet platform. And a "descendant" was the WC26 Wagon 4×4 based on Dodge Power Wagon.

Dodge WC26 "SUV"

The WC26 was not an official "SUV", but in principle the properties are roughly comparable. The WC26 was based on the WC platform but was made specifically for civilian use. And the vehicle in the pictures is from 1941 and thus belongs to the first generation of the WC series. The classic became quite some time ago restauriert, retaining the old ladder frame chassis and steel body. Significant changes were made to the rest of the vehicle.

Tuning Dodge WC26 SUV Restomod 13

For example, a completely new engine was installed, there was a new transmission, new suspension, new brakes and a completely new interior. Everything is combined with a cool Rat-Look. During the rebuild, the body was removed from the chassis and sandblasted to remove old paint, rust and other contaminants. The frame has also been stripped of paint and freshly painted.

wonderful patina in combination with black

Allegedly, no filler (body filler, etc.) was used during the restoration and everything is covered with a special, unique "artificial patina"-Paint covered. It looks like real rust and has some airbrush effects. Incidentally, the roof of the classic even got a panoramic sunroof from a BMW X7. The front end still has the OEM grille installed, but in black.

Tuning Dodge WC26 SUV Restomod 10

Other exterior features include an original pop-out windshield, Baja Designs auxiliary lighting, LED headlights and taillights in special housings, and a 12.000-pound winch up front. When it comes to the engine, you rely on one 5,9 liter 24 valve turbo diesel from Cummins with Intercooler and some tuning. The tank holds a crazy 144 liters and is made of aluminum and the power is sent to all four wheels via an automatic transmission.

a lot of new technology under the "rusty body"

The builder also installed two Griffin aluminum radiators, a modern power brake system, two Interstate deep-cycle batteries and a 4-inch ceramic-coated DynoMax exhaust system. The new suspension front and rear also creates a massive Höherlegung and for the wheel set, the choice fell on a set of Detroit Steel "D-Town" 22 inch rims with 42 inch (1,07 m) Milestar Patagonia M/T-02 Off-road tires.

everything new in the big cabin

That mentioned retrofitted panoramic roof Incidentally, the interior is just one of countless details. The cabin is mostly black, with the metal panels around the windows and the panoramic roof gleaming roughly in the look of the body. There were two adjustable ones in front Bucket seats and behind it an individually adjustable two-seater seat. In addition to a special rubberized coating, there was still everywhere soundproofing and the old wooden floor was replaced with a tin one. There are two for that air conditioning installed and a modern MB Quart sound system. There is also a completely new interior lighting and visually we find the small details like the custom-made dashboard knobs and air vents made of billet aluminum very successful.

And finally ...

  • What was originally developed by Dodge for transporting weapons, supplies and task forces in combat zones is now a first-class lifestyle off-roader. The World War II WC26 is set to go under the hammer at the end of March. The estimate for the auction is $250.000 to $275.000. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Tuning Dodge WC26 SUV Restomod 2

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From another time: Dodge WC26 "SUV" as Restomod!
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