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Stronger. More quickly. Safer - Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70 R

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Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R 2 stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

Stronger, faster and safer. The new D8 GTO-JD70 R is a Donkervoort designed for the racetrack with the performance and technology of a racing car. And that for the price of a sports car! If the D8 GTO JD70 is the beating heart of Donkervoort Automobielen, then the JD70 R is the untamed soul that leads the JD70- into performance areas that can only be achieved on racetracks. The JD70 was introduced on the occasion of the seventieth birthday of the brand founder Joop Donkervoort. The JD70 R is designed to make the driver feel like a track superstar. The JD70 R is the fastest, most aggressive and uncompromising Donkervoort ever built. It breaks track records - all with a fraction of the cost of conventional sports cars for fuel, tires and brakes.

JD70 R faster on the racetrack

Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R 10 stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

"All of the changes we made have been incorporated into the JD70 development program“, Explains Denis Donkervoort, Managing Director of Donkervoort. "Since the JD70 R is much faster than the JD70 on any racetrack, we have of course also made accident safety a high priority. It has a fire extinguisher system, greater fire protection for the fuel tank, a standard six-point seat belt, full racing seats and racing ABS. With every increase in performance of the JD70 R, we've increased its impact protection exponentially.“The JD70 R was designed to be driven for hours at full load, then refueled and put back on the road. It sends real-time data to the workshop, where the Donkervoort support team can set up the car for each route and help the JD70 R drivers achieve their full potential.

faster, more aggressive and safer

Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R 14 stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

Donkervoort recalculated every single nut and bolt on the JD70 R when it was being developed alongside the roadworthy JD70 supercar. Although very similar to it, the JD70 R is faster, more aggressive and safer than its roadworthy brother. It offers an unprecedented variety of adjustment options for the chassis and suspension. Thanks to extensive adjustments to the transmission, brakes, steering, safety package and tires, it is five full seconds faster than the JD70 on the Spa-Francorchamps Grand Prix circuit. It is even three seconds faster than the 1100 hp Koenigsegg Regera with 2000 Nm. But the JD70 R is not all fast. It is available with complete route support - from transport to lunch, and from spare parts, tires and mechanical support to driver coaching by Donkervoort itself. Donkervoort offers you the complete package!

Price: € 198.000 before tax

Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R 17 stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

Every driver has the feeling that they belong to a happy team of the Donkervoort racing family within an already small group of Donkervoort owners. Donkervoort has focused on the suspension, crash safety, braking and steering of the JD70 R, creating a car that increases both driving pleasure and lap speed. At € 198.000 before taxes, the JD70 R is the most exclusive, low-maintenance and best-supported option for chasing hypercars on the world's racetracks.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) M5 Clubsport from Bosch

One of the most important elements of driver confidence on the track is braking, and in the case of the JD70 R, Donkervoort has worked specially. It's not just about the car braking better than the JD70 on the racetrack. It's about the driver having the feeling that he can come to a better stop with every brake. The biggest change is the installation of the anti-lock braking system (ABS) M5 Clubsport from Bosch. Donkervoort has already used this system on the racetrack. It offers the driver 12 setting options, so that every driver not only experiences the right braking feeling, but also creates optimum grip for every route condition. The ABS offers a massive advantage in terms of driving behavior, because it makes the JD70 R far more agile when the driver has to brake and steer at the same time.

front 310 mm x 24 mm / rear 285 mm x 24 mm

Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R 4 stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

The rest of the braking system is controlled by the JD70's Tarox hardware. But without the need to adapt the braking system for both track temperatures and cold braking on the road, the entire system is geared towards the race track. It's far more aggressive than the roadworthy JD70. The racing brake pads and fluids used are more resistant to prolonged heat and grip harder every time. In the middle of the dashboard is the adjustment knob for the preload of the brakes, which helps the driver to adjust the braking balance of the car to different tire wear or even different fuel loads. At the front, 310 mm x 24 mm brake discs with a wave pattern and six-piston monoblock brake calipers are installed, while smaller discs (285 mm x 24 mm) with a wave pattern and optional six-piston brake calipers are used at the rear.

Wheel sizes 235/45 17 and 245/40 18

The tire brand Nankang has rewarded Donkervoort's trust in the JD70 with the development of a set of ultra-grippy and durable slick tires for the JD70 R. They have the same wheel sizes of 235/45 17 at the front and 245/40 18 at the rear. Nankang's slicks and rain tires are mounted on Rays rims: the front tires on 8 x 17 ″ forged light alloy wheels, the rear tires on larger 9 x 18 ″ wheels. The super light carbon fiber rims and tire heated blankets are a factory option. With much shorter braking distances, the next step for fast and constant lap times is steering the car. Here Donkervoort is now using a technique that Donkervoort has not traditionally used:

ultra-light electronic power steering

Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R 9 stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

The JD70 R has ultra-light electronic power steering for racing use and a choice of two handlebars, including the ultra-short 2,7: 1 ratio. Although Donkervoort still offers the JD70 R with traditional steering without power assistance, Denis Donkervoort believes that the combination of the shortest possible power steering assistance and power steering makes the car faster and easier to drive. The power steering is adjustable so the driver can choose the ideal level of steering assistance to get the maximum performance. Like the JD70, the JD70 R is based on hybrid chassis technology, in which a tubular steel ladder frame is combined with carbon fibers for additional strength and aluminum for weight reduction.

adjustable Intrax dampers and special springs

The broad-track suspension system uses the double wishbone concept of the JD70 with trailing arms at the rear end in every curve. And now to the decisive innovation: Its four-way adjustable Intrax dampers and the customer-specific springs are 20 percent stiffer. The adjustable anti-roll bars and the sockets are also stiffer. To increase speed and confidence, the vehicle height is 20 mm lower. There are moments when the driver is so busy with the track that he doesn't have time to operate a manual gear stick. There are also new technologies for achieving faster lap times. Donkervoort uses one of these technologies in the JD70 R: a fully sequential switching system. The state-of-the-art sequential transmission developed by Quaife according to Donkervoort specifications is also given an additional gear, which Donkervoort can optimize the various gear ratios even better for use on the racetrack.

Quaife gear is heavier

Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R 16 stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

"A significant part of the lap time advantage with the JD70 R is achieved through the much shorter shift times of the new transmission“Explains Denis Donkervoort. The optional shift paddles are attached to the multifunctional, detachable steering wheel, as is the case with modern Formula 1 vehicles. The Quaife transmission is 15 kg heavier than the 23 kg five-speed transmission. But Donkervoort assures that the extra speed and power are worth the weight, especially since the gearbox is designed for almost twice the output of the JD70 R. The system allows upshifts with a flat throttle and changes the accelerator pedal when downshifts so that every shift is quicker and as smooth as possible. The car has a special air inlet so that the temperature does not get too high during intensive journeys. The propshaft is stronger, the limited-slip differential is reinforced, and the JD70 R also switches to reliable drive-shafts to increase durability and reduce maintenance costs.

Audi Sport five-cylinder turbo engine

The JD70 R has the same Audi Sport five-cylinder turbo engine as the JD70 and is the most powerful Donkervoort ever built. The 2,5 liter engine generates an output of 415 hp (310 kW) and a torque of 520 Nm, with its peak torque being reached at only 1750 rpm and held up to 6350 rpm. This alone gives the JD70 R a unique level of flexibility when it comes to developing power when cornering. In addition, the engine has a lightweight flywheel that brings the speed to the peak performance of 5850 rpm to 7000 rpm. The exhaust is located on the side of the vehicle, just as it was in the classic days of racing road cars. The exhaust complies with all current European limits. As a result, there are no restrictions on the routes on which it can be driven or on the use of the accelerator pedal.

Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R 5 stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

The JD70 R uses specially developed lubricants from German Formula 1 supplier Ravenol, which Donkervoort chose after doing so well in the development of the JD70. Donkervoort wants to help all JD70 R drivers get the most speed out of themselves and their cars by becoming part of Donkervoort's own racing operation. With its 715 kg super sports car, which treats tires, brakes and drive much more gently than the racing versions of conventional super sports cars, Donkervoort also helps its drivers to stay on the track for as long as possible. The JD70 R can be used inexpensively as a racing car, with the service life of a set of slicks being forecast for at least 1000 km and that of the brake pads for 5000 km on the racetrack.

cb no thumbnail Stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

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If the brake discs need to be replaced, the JD70 R's light weight means that discs made from steel can be used rather than the more expensive carbon / ceramic mix required on heavier cars. The discs need to be replaced less often and are cheaper. Donkervoort offers JD70 R owners comprehensive support - from transporting their cars, tires and spare parts to the respective racetracks through to mechanical assistance, driver coaching and complete catering on site. The JD70 R delivers an enormous range of real-time telemetry for trips to the workshop or pit, which can be saved or used immediately to improve both the vehicle and the driver's performance.

Tire pressure and temperature monitoring

The main components for this are the digital color display from AIM and the associated SmartyCam camera system, so that even the video recordings show all vehicle data such as speed, gravitational forces and tire temperature. Donkervoort uses the AIM system to analyze even the smallest details of driver performance. This allows drivers to fine-tune their cars' performance to make the vehicle better, faster, and safer. The JD70 R also has tire pressure and temperature monitoring that the driver can read on the digital display. It is also transmitted to the workshop via telemetry and can be used for more than two sets of tires. There is an optional communication package for the pit lane and workshop. Donkervoort data analysis can help drivers in real time to change a setting or focus on how to get even faster.

Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R 18 stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

And for those somewhat uncomfortable stays in the gravel bed, there is a new tow hook at the rear and a new tow belt at the front. The JD70 R has made great strides in security compared to the JD70. One of the greatest improvements can also be made in road vehicles. Above all, Donkervoort sees it as its responsibility to increase the accident safety of its cars as well as the speed. There are many improvements - from the 60 percent increase in the use of carbon fiber for side impact protection, to having all-carbon racing seats and the advances in the latest in fire protection.

The JD70 R is available either with a fully FIA-homologated bladder tank with fuel-absorbing foam or with a tank with a new Kevlar carbon fiber layer. This provides additional protection and at the same time fills the tank with the FIA-standardized absorbent foam. This is far cheaper than a full FIA bladder system and has the great advantages of being street legal and the possibility of retrofitting any D8 GTO model. The Bilster Berg roll bar increases the weight of the vehicle by 4,5 kg, but also provides safety thanks to an even greater chassis rigidity. The seats are also fitted with FIA-approved 6-point belts.

improved fire extinguishing system with FIA race homologation

The improved fire extinguishing system has full FIA race homologation with six nozzles that inject extinguishing foam into the engine compartment and cabin. Donkervoort can have a racing suit and helmet designed to measure for its drivers. In this regard, Donkervoort has long worked with OMP for the suits, Bell for the helmets and with HANS for the accessories. The JD70 R meets the French FFSA safety regulations that many lighter racing vehicles fail to meet. The car can therefore be driven on all European racetracks. If we get more information, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R 3 stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

Photos: Donkervoort

Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R 7 stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

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18395 donkervoort carbon max detail cockpit 6 310x165 stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

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Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 Header 310x165 Stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

2020 Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70 Bare Naked Carbon Edition

Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 Bare Naked Carbon Edition Tuning 2020 3 310x165 stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

Stronger. More quickly. Safer - Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70 R

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Smava tuningblog credit stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

youtube stronger. More quickly. Safe Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 R

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