Ex-drift car: Nissan 180SX with 593 PS in JDM tuning style!

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Nissan 180SX JDM widebody drift car tuning 9

Originally the red racer that we are introducing to you today was a drift car par excellence. With his rear-wheel drive and equipped without ESP, a Nissan 180SX is perfect for painting wonderful donuts on the asphalt on a cordoned-off course. But the wild times are already behind the classic, which is now 23 years under its belt, and is still staying with its first owner. In 1998, the auto scene in Japan began to make drift races more and more popular, so Yuichi Seki, the owner and tuner of the Nissan, began taking part in such spectacular events. With his rear-wheel drive Nissan 180SX, he was of course perfectly equipped for these competitions, and various trophies in his garage are evidence of his success in drift races.

Widebody racer in typical JDM style.

For 15 years, Seki-san and his Nissan were a dream team in Japan's drifting scene, but now the classic is no longer burned off when driving sideways, but into one Quarter mile gun rebuilt. The hearts of all fans of Japanese sports cars will open at the sight of the racer. With his Wide body kit and the mighty rear wing from Garage Mak, as well as the side skirts, which come from Ki, the 180SX looks quite martial and stands extremely wide and full on the street.

But to be pressed even deeper to the asphalt, were HKS Hipermax D´NOB Spec lowering springs on the front axle, as well Ikeya Formula springs installed in the rear. Of course, the rims cannot remain standard either, so Yuichi Seki is for Work Meister S1R rims decided the front over a diameter of 17 inches, and on the rear axle over 18 inch format feature. Last but not least, the entire car was repainted so that it no longer appears in innocent white, but shines in a sporty shade of red that shines Super Red V and comes from Toyota's color palette.

Nissan 180SX JDM widebody drift car tuning 2

We are of the opinion that the red looks much more dynamic than the innocent but somewhat boring white, which is the most common car color in Japan. With this vehicle you could well take the hearts of JDM fans by storm in Germany and Europe, and collect many plus points at brand-open tuning meetings.

Typical drift car interior.

In the interior there is a typical drift car atmosphere, as the car has a Seven-point roll cage from Cusco, Bride bucket seats as well as various Additional instruments is equipped, which display all the necessary information about temperatures, pressures and the like.

593 hp from a 2,2-liter turbo gasoline engine provide endless power.

During the time that the 180SX served as a drift car, the displacement increased from 2 liters expanded to 2,2 liters. Then followed a Tomei turbo kit, which ensures more performance. Nowadays the engine delivers with the help of one A´PEXi Power FC kits fabulous 593 PS. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the torque. The force is by means of HKS six-speed manual transmission and a Limited slip differential transferred to the rear wheels. Thus, the car would still be ideal as a drift car today, but of course the vehicle with its almost 600 hp is also an adequate weapon on the drag strip.

Nissan 180SX JDM widebody drift car tuning 11

Our Summary for this Nissan 180SX:

A dream for every JDM fan. Such a car is rarely found, above all it is still in the hands of its first owner. If you are also dreaming of a drift car, then we can recommend the corresponding picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Nissan 180SX JDM widebody drift car tuning 13

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Nissan 180SX with 593 PS in JDM style!
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Nissan 180SX JDM widebody drift car tuning 9

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