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EarthRoamer XV-HD - an 15 tons off-road camper

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EarthRoamer XV HD Ford F 750 camper tuning 43 EarthRoamer XV HD a 15 tons off-road camper

Of course, this insanely huge bullet can only come from the United States. We present the EarthRoamer XV-HD from the eponymous company EarthRoamer from Colorado. The basis for the 15 tons heavy monster is the huge Ford F-650 / 750 which actually has nothing to do with a pickup. For example, if you put a VW Amarok or Nissan Navara next to it, that roughly equals a comparison of a BMW X7 with a Smart ForTwo. And this F-750 Monster uses the EarthRoamer XV-HD already well 2 years as a basis. The dimensions are incredibly huge with a length of 10,67 meters and a height of up to 4,14 meters and there is the 6,7 liter V8 diesel under the hood, with 330 PS and 680 Newton meters, almost underpowered.

the EarthRoamer XV-HD has four-wheel drive

EarthRoamer XV HD Ford F 750 camper tuning 36 EarthRoamer XV HD a 15 tons off-road camper

After all, in an emergency it must set up to 15 tons of total mass in motion. And the company Earth Roamer has even given the double cab even extreme off-road characteristics. There were all-wheel drive, Michelin XZL Wide Base Schlappen in the format 425 / 65 R22,5 and this air suspension with Fox rear shocks, a hydraulic level control and so incidentally a 435 liter diesel reserve. But if you are stuck but so in an emergency, a hydraulic winch with 15 tons Pulling power that pulls the "1,5 million dollar dream" out of the mess. And inside? The driver and passengers expect an ambience that puts many a hotel in the shade. Seating and sleeping places are for 6 people, but more people are not really a problem.

right and left sits the kitchenette

EarthRoamer XV HD Ford F 750 camper tuning 45 EarthRoamer XV HD a 15 tons off-road camper

The technical delicacies are a 2.100 watt photovoltaic system on the cabin roof, there is an 800 ampere-hour lithium-ion battery bank in the floor and a "950" liter of fresh water is on board. The cabin has a large sofa area, a table that can be lowered and a U-shaped seating area that can be converted into a bed. There are also sleeping places in the front of the vehicle and four vent windows and the large skylight provide plenty of fresh air. Of course, a kitchen unit that can be found on “both” sides of the vehicle and features a refrigerator drawer, oven and a modern induction hob should not be missing. And of course there is a sink, countless storage spaces, a second refrigerator and a fully-fledged wet room with a separate shower.

full shower with marble tiles

EarthRoamer XV HD Ford F 750 camper tuning 41 EarthRoamer XV HD a 15 tons off-road camper

But the fact that you can even wash clothes in the outback thanks to the built-in washing machine and dryer is completely crazy. With regard to the materials, the EarthRoamer Luxury 4 × 4 Offroader uses real wood surfaces (stained softwood), there are tons of leather and even fine marble countertops are installed. And while many a dream of a floor heating, a Bose stereo and air conditioning at home, the owner of the XV-HD of course has this accessory. Of course, if we get even more details about the EarthRoamer XV-HD off-road camper in XL format, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if yours is just ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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EarthRoamer XV-HD off-road camper

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