Friday 17th September 2021

Elegant sportiness. BMW M4 from Wheels Boutique

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With all the tuners around the BMW brand, it is important to be creative and unique in order to attract attention. It doesn't always have to be the riot maker. Wheels Boutique proves that if you make the right changes in the right places, that is more valuable than a wide body kit with 13 × 22 inch rims!

(Photos: Wheels Boutique)

online shop Elegant sportiness. BMW M4 from Wheels Boutique

Tuning can also be practical, people who drive a sporty car are often active themselves. The bike rack for the BMW M4 was developed for precisely these people. Of course, you have to say that the choice of color (Alpine White) could hardly have been better, on a red M4 the chosen combination could be more difficult again. Eye-catchers on the BMW M4 are the built-in ADV.1 wheels that polarize with their matt bronze paint.

bmw m4 tuning wheels boutique 2 Elegant sportiness. BMW M4 from Wheels BoutiqueThe M4 was further lowered and received by the tuner Vorsteiner a few GTS aerodynamic components. The dark carbon add-on parts in connection with the rims and the lowering make the BMW M4 look extremely potent and yet not intrusive. The pictures that Keenan Warner took in front of the Miami skyline are extremely successful. But see for yourself ...

Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Elegant sportiness. BMW M4 from Wheels Boutique

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