Friday 22st January 2021

Everything works! Mcchip-dkr with 830PS C-class

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Crazy compressor conversion from Mcchip-dkr. If you are not so happy with the 457PS of your C63 AMG Mercedes C-Class, you can almost double this performance. Tuning the C-Class from AMG is not necessarily something new. In contrast to the brutal Brabus Bullit, however, the Mcchip-dkr Benz is much more understatement with comparable performance, at least for us.

mcchip dkr amg 63 c 1 Everything works! Mcchip dkr with 830PS C class

(Photos: Mcchip-dkr)

Everything is possible! Mcchip dkr with 830PS C class

The performance level called “mc8xx” by the tuner gives an idea of ​​what happened to the “high C” at least from the “eight”. The AMG got a compressor kit from Mcchip-dkr as well as a significantly larger oil cooler, a large water cooler (cools the compressor) and a larger water pump for the existing charge air system.

mcchip dkr amg 63 c 2 Everything works! Mcchip dkr with 830PS C classThe engine control has also been changed and in connection with the optimized boost pressure and the air intake system, crazy 830PS and 830NM torque shoot out of the Benz in the end. A KW Clubsport chassis, better brake discs, 19-inch OZ wheels and a Drexler differential lock were installed so that so much power arrives properly on the road and stays that way.

mcchip dkr amg 63 c 3 Everything works! Mcchip dkr with 830PS C classVisually, Mcchip-dkr evaluates the whole thing with the body kit of the C 63 AMG Black Series which, in our opinion, looks the best on the C-Class. The best thing about the whole tuning is the fact that all changes have the blessing of the TÜV and the 830PS Benz can thus be used as an everyday car. All that's missing is a long way to work ...


Smava tuning blog credit 12 Anything goes! Mcchip dkr with 830PS C class

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