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It was only a week ago that I gave an interview to Marten from the blog "Einfachgefragt" in which I complained about my suffering in relation to my "company car"! Every day I am with a VW Golf 6 Variant 1.6 Tdi 4-Motion with a good 130 PS (thanks to a Car technology Saretz Tuningbox) to the various Tuning objects on the way. Ok, thanks to the tuning box, the whole thing is a bit different than with the standard 105 PS, which delivers the VW factory.

The offer from DTE-Systems came in handy, suggesting that I test your electronic “pedal box”. The small component, which was promptly delivered, is now in front of me in a high-quality matt black packaging and would like to be installed using the simple, easy-to-understand installation and operating instructions. Since my Golf has an electronic accelerator pedal (eWire), like almost all current vehicles, nothing stands in the way of modification.


Short hand, I have accepted the installation itself and installed the box before my next official ride. An installation instructions you can find here. Since the whole system works “plug & play” (thanks to OEM plug connections) it was done in a good 10 minutes. According to DTE, the pedal box helps to change the signal of the accelerator pedal so that it should lead to a more spontaneous throttle response.


“In good German” - the turbo lag, which is already lower due to the tuning box, but still exists, as well as various performance deficits when starting or accelerating, should be reduced or even eliminated. And that's exactly what happens! For me, who has now driven the car 255.000 km, the whole thing is a marvel of technology. The first time you drive off, you can feel that the car is moving with a good 1/3 of the rest of the accelerator pedal position, and that much more spontaneously. In my opinion, a shift can now be done faster than before, and the optimization is also clearly noticeable in every subsequent gear, you are simply much more dynamic on the road.

It feels like the car can always be driven one gear higher than before. Of course, this is nonsense because the pedal box definitely does not provide any additional power. The electronic helper adjusts the gas pedal so that you immediately get the feeling of increased power. I have to say that I set the box to Sport + from the start, which according to DTE makes the biggest difference to the series.


But the lower levels "Sport and City" also have their right to exist, these speed levels form a perfect balancing act between the factory version and the Sport + version. By the way, all driving modes can still be adjusted individually thanks to more convenient + / - Buttons on the control panel. The operation of the whole is, also thanks to the colored micro-LEDs, extremely simple and intuitive and of course remains stored even after the vehicle is parked. The whole thing costs 199 €, by the way, for the first moment that sounds like a lot of money. But, in my opinion, for 199 € you get twice the driving fun and can also be a lot more “casual” with your car.


The big advantage of DTE is the way the possibility to install the pedal box on site and to be able to test if the whole does not meet the expectations then there are no costs and you just let it be. (Of course, this also applies to an online order, because you can send the box back within 30 days)

We will now try how the box performs over a longer period of time, but after a few kilometers of driving I currently don't see any reason why the pedal box should be removed again. Below you will find a few more facts about DTE and the pedal box:

  • DTE-Systems (the company is a leading provider in the field of software optimization for cars, trucks, tractors and motor boats)
  • suitable for electronic accelerators (eWire)
  • Improved accelerator pedal response time (improves manufacturer's standard pre-programmed accelerator pedal characteristic)
  • Turbo hole, power dips, acceleration hanger are minimized to completely eliminated
  • Extremely easy installation of the pedal box thanks to original OEM plug connections
  • approx. 4.500 different connector systems for almost all vehicles
  • Wired control panel
  • personal adjustment (Sport, Sport +, City and Off + each of these settings can be customized)
  • Cost 199, - €
  • 30 days money back guarantee

The company DTE-Systems reaches it as follows:

DTE Systems
Maria-von-Linden St. 23
45665 Recklinghausen

Tel: + 49 (0) 2361 483906
Fax: + 49 (0) 2361 483907

E-Mail: info@dte-systems.de


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  1. says: Martin Roeder

    I would be interested to know whether the acceleration time may also change from 0 to 100? Is it possible to test this?

  2. Hello Martin,

    So the system does not ensure an increase in performance. Even when sprinting from zero to 100 km / h, no measurable improvement should be possible. As a rule, it is assumed that the accelerator pedal is almost fully depressed anyway during the spin to 100km / h, the somewhat premature response in this case should not really be in the measurable range. It looks different with intermediate sprints where you at least save the time you would otherwise need to press the accelerator pedal further. But here, too, there are hardly any measurable values. However, we are not sure, and we are happy to be instructed by a specialist of a better one. 🙂 One thing is certain, however, the driving experience is significantly improved by the pedal box, as the vehicle responds more spontaneously at all times and commands are implemented faster. We ourselves have been traveling with one of our vehicles including the pedal box for 2 years and would not want to do without them anymore. Over time, however, you get used to the system and we keep in mind, by briefly deactivating the box, the clearly noticeable difference to the series.

    VG Tom from tuningblog

  3. says: Maik Neke

    Does the pedal tuning have a negative effect on the engine (service life)
    Do I have to report this to the insurance company and what about the ASU?
    Greetings Maik

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