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Extreme widebody VW Golf Mk2 from JP Performance!

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Widebody VW Golf Mk2 JP Performance 4 Extreme widebody VW Golf Mk2 from JP Performance!

Anyone who deals a little with tuning in Germany will learn something from them Jean-Pierre Kraemer and JP Performance have heard. With some weird and extreme tuning vehicles, the now well-known tuning company from Dortmund has made a name for itself in the German automotive scene. Not least through YouTube and the social networks, which nowadays can have a large part in a very special career, JP Performace has become an absolute cult manufacturer, which has become an indispensable part of the German tuning scene. So of course it was only a matter of time before Prior-Design became aware, and collaborated with JP Performance to create a well-known rendering of the Pixel Picasso Khyzyl Saleem put into action.

Group B style widebody project

This project is the first of its kind in the world, and originally the one-off vehicle on the Food motor show to be issued. Two different Golf 2 models were used to create a very special MK2 - the Thunderbunny Golf - to put on the wheels. A was installed mid-engine, which in its arrangement very much resembles a Renault R5 Turbo, or to the rally vehicle Peugeot GTI 205 remind. Of course, an extreme one was also allowed Wide body kit not missing which one about ultra fat Wheel arches and allows the Golf to grow broadly.

Of course, it is also important that extra-wide slippers were mounted on the mighty two-seater, and the extreme widebody kit was created from the second Golf, which was no longer roadworthy. The rims, which are on the rear axle in the format 325x19 in are raised by the company Rotiform, and are made entirely of gold. The design is strongly reminiscent of the classic BBS wheels, and also has an extreme Low bed optics. At the front, golden rims in BBS style from Rotiform have also been mounted, but the format of the rounds on the front axle is smaller. There were also fixed fronts turbofans attached, which, in contrast to conventional BBS turbofans, are milled from the solid in order not to cause problems at high speeds.

Widebody VW Golf Mk2 JP Performance 12 Extreme widebody VW Golf Mk2 from JP Performance!

There were of course another cats stairs as well as Clear glass rear lights installed. Thus, the wide-body monster looks a little out of date, and is strongly reminiscent of tuning cars from the 1990s. Nonetheless, it is of course an impressive project that is probably so unique. Finally, of course, there was also a Airride chassis with 3P airlift control built in to give the whole vehicle that certain something.

2,8-liter VR6 provides propulsion

All we know is the fact that in the stern one VR6-with enough power suggests and the cooling lines go through the whole vehicle and a custom one in front Aluminum tank is installed. The car was already on the "Lasise" test track of the JP Performance GmbH tried it, and showed a quite remarkable one there. He drives, he steers, he doesn't break out and maybe even show the taillights to one or the other athlete. At least stop by it is hardly possible ^^. A few more details:

  • custom exhaust system with carbon tailpipes (center)
  • Driver and passenger seat made of aluminum
  • Roll cage (made to measure)

Our conclusion on the Golf 2 (Thunderbunny Golf) from JP Performance:

A true masterpiece of creativity, and probably the most violent Golf 2 in the world. If you like the vehicle, you can take a look at the associated picture gallery that we have attached to the article below for you. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Metallic green 1970s Ford Mustang with Coyote V8 header 310x165 Extreme widebody VW Golf Mk2 from JP Performance!

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Extreme widebody VW Golf Mk2 from JP Performance!
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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Extreme widebody VW Golf Mk2 from JP Performance!

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