Ferrari 250 GTO Homage by GTO Engineering with carbon monocoque!

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Ferrari 250 GTO Homage GTO Engineering Carbon Monocoque 18

GTO Engineering has the first real pictures from Carbon monocoque as well as the V12 engine released for the Ferrari 250 GTO-inspired and in-house built sports car (For more information, see the links at the end of the post). Both that Monohull as well as all body parts are made of lightweight carbon fiber, which guarantees that the vehicle under a ton weighs. The British company also states that the athlete has a weight distribution of 55/45 should have and also an extremely low center of gravity will have. There was also some information on how to reduce the weight even further. And with a light one Starter and with one Clutch and flywheel setup, which weighs 25 percent less than the usual components.

Ferrari 250 GTO Homage

The homage is driven by one 4,0 liter V12 naturally aspirated engine, built from the ground up by GTO Engineering and inspired by the original 4,0 Ferrari 12-litre V1960. He will four camshafts have, up to 10.000 U / min (!!!) rotate and should only approx. 165 kg weigh 11 kg less than the original Ferrari engine. In addition, he should be powerful 460 PS Afford. "We know most V12 Ferraris inside out and recently weighed a 1960 with a 4,0-liter V12. And as a complete unit with starter, oil, etc. It was exactly 176 kgsaid Mark Lyon, Managing Director of GTO Engineering. "This is significantly less than a modern V12 and we know that with our knowledge and modern techniques and materials we can do even better. Every component and detail of the V12 has been reinvented to ensure the engine is the best available."

a classic interior is planned

Ferrari 250 GTO Homage GTO Engineering Carbon Monocoque 13

GTO Engineering published the first sketches of about 12 months ago Interior, which fortunately will come without a touchscreen and a Steering wheel with wooden rim as well as analog controls für die Ventilation with air conditioning indicates. The vehicle shouldn't have airbags either, but they do Bucket seats with a fixed backrest. If we get more information about the project, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Ferrari 250 GTO Homage by GTO Engineering with carbon monocoque!
Photo credit: GTO engineering
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