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NOVITEC refines the hybrid sports car Ferrari 296 GTB!

NOVITEC hybrid athlete Ferrari 296 GTB Tuning 4

The new 296 GTB is the latest example of Ferrari's consistent technology transfer from current Formula 1 racing cars to the production of modern hybrid high-performance sports cars. This not only includes the newly designed V6 biturbo engine, but also the MGU-K electric drive positioned behind it. As the world's leading refiner for the cars from Maranello, NOVITEC naturally also offers tailor-made developments for the Ferrari 296 GTB, which make the two-seater even more dynamic and attractive. A NOVITEC high-performance exhaust system, available in different versions, sports catalytic converters and flow-optimized turbo inlets ensure that the combustion engine can breathe more freely. This increases the system output of the sports car by 38 horsepower to 638 kW / 868 hp. Further performance upgrades for the Ferrari 296 series are in development.

Ferrari 296 GTB NOVITEC

NOVITEC hybrid athlete Ferrari 296 GTB Tuning 7

The NOVITEC design studio is already working flat out on sporty, efficient aerodynamic components for the mid-engine sports car. In cooperation with Vossen, tailor-made NOVITEC high-tech wheels have already been produced, including particularly exclusive versions with diameters of 21 and 22 inches. NOVITEC sport springs are available to make handling even more agile. To personalize the cockpit, NOVITEC offers exclusive interior design in a huge range of colors and great attention to detail.NOVITEC hybrid athlete Ferrari 296 GTB Tuning 8

High-performance exhaust systems for the world's most exclusive automobiles are a very particular specialty of NOVITEC. Precise exhaust routing, innovative detailed solutions and materials as well as excellent workmanship are always at the top of the developers' specifications. Of course, this also applied to the design of the NOVITEC exhaust system for the 296 GTB hybrid athlete.

Exhaust system made of stainless steel or INCONEL

The exhaust systems for the V6 are optionally available in stainless steel or the high-tech alloy INCONEL, which is also used in Formula 1. In order to optimize the heat balance in the engine compartment, all systems are wrapped in high-temperature thermal insulation. An effect that at the INCONEL-Execution can be further strengthened by a 999 fine gold coating, which is also optically out of the ordinary.

NOVITEC hybrid athlete Ferrari 296 GTB Tuning 3

In order to further optimize the exhaust gas flow, the NOVITEC technicians also developed special turbo inlets and tailor-made 100-cell metal catalytic converters. Overall, through the NOVITEC Modifications on the exhaust side 28 kW / 38 hp more peak power can be generated. This is accompanied by a more exciting engine sound, which in the version with exhaust flap control can also be individually adjusted from the cockpit between sporty and exciting.

In order to be able to stage the NOVITEC exhaust system visually, there are various 102 millimeter tailpipes, with or without a carbon cover and, if desired, also with a particularly elegant 999 fine gold coating. In order to integrate the exhaust pipes perfectly into the rear section, there is a NOVITEC grille insert, which also helps to remove more heated air from the engine compartment.

Aerodynamic program with visible carbon components

While that NOVITEC While the aerodynamics program with visible carbon components is still in development, the look can already be upgraded with tailor-made wheels developed in cooperation with Vossen, the leading American manufacturer of high-tech forged wheels. Using state-of-the-art processing technology, the NOVITEC NF 10 wheels were made from forged blanks and make perfect use of the available space in the fenders of the 296 GTB. From a palette of a total of 72 colors and different surfaces, the glossy black version with hub caps in a central locking look was chosen for these photos.

With their five filigree double spokes that reach to the very edge, the NF 10 alloy wheels are among the lightest of their kind in this king-size segment. In the attached photos, the two-seater is equipped with a combination of 9.5×21 wheels with 255/30 ZR 21 tires at the front and 11.5×22 with 335/25 R 22 on the rear axle. The different sized diameters on both axles emphasize the wedge shape of the Ferrari even more.

about 35 millimeters lower by means of sport springs

In line with this, the NOVITEC sport springs lower the vehicle by around 35 millimeters. A measure that not only has a positive effect on the look, but also on the handling due to the lowered center of gravity. In order to be able to drive on entrances and exits as well as ramps in parking garages more easily, there is also a NOVITEC front lift system for the 296 GTB, with which the vehicle nose can be raised hydraulically by approx. 40 millimeters at the push of a button. The German refiner offers exclusivity right down to the last corner of the interior with high-quality interior fittings in practically any desired color.

NOVITEC hybrid athlete Ferrari 296 GTB Tuning 1

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Hybrid athlete Ferrari 296 GTB from NOVITEC
Performance, sound, handling and high-tech forged wheels
Photo credit: Novitec Group
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