Ferrari Arrabiata: the SF90 "Competition Edition" by RYFT!

When it comes to tuned hypercars, this is the Ferrari SF90 at the forefront. Countless tuning components are already available for the owner of such a car to choose from Styling and aerodynamics to be further optimized. And now the tuning company RYFT has discovered the SF90 for itself and offers a "Competition edition“ Styling package, which costs a hefty $ 601.295 in the USA together with the vehicle. Of course, the set is also available as a retrofitting available, which starts at just over $90.000. We would like to introduce you to the modifications to the current Ferrari hypercar.

Carbon in abundance

More than 20 different ones Carbon components includes the extraordinary Tuning package. Furthermore, inclined customers can still have one Sports exhaust system Order from Artisan, and the fast Italian can also roll on black ones if you wish Carbon rims in Y-spoke design, the format of which completely fills the wheel arches. According to RYFT, the new vehicle parts are not just aesthetic components, but parts with aerodynamic benefits. Other modifications include a new one front splitter, inspired by the 488 GT3 Evo, ventilated front fender, L-shaped Trim, an active, two-part rear wing and a redesigned one diffuser with larger fins.

At 300 kilometers per hour, the modified generates rear wing more than 360 kilograms of downforce, for example. the Artisan exhaust system at the rear includes two oval tailpipes made of titanium or carbon heat shields made of kevlar. From our point of view, the tuning is still much more subtle than the eye-catching ones Mansory creations, which definitely polarize. This makes it a package of components specifically designed for those who want to effectively aerodynamically optimize their vehicle without putting on the big show.

Plug-in hybrid set-up provides 1.000 hp

A pair of 4-liter V8 biturbo petrol engine, which was combined with three electric motors, delivers a breathtaking system output of 1.000 hp ex works. Thanks to plug-in technology, the vehicle even has a purely electric range of up to 25 kilometers. The performance is already standard from another planet, since it is possible to reach 90 km/h in just 2,5 seconds with the SF100 and the propulsion only ends at 340 kilometers per hour. Switching is via a F1 dual clutch transmission with eight gears, which also has an automatic mode in addition to shift paddles. Due to the low unladen weight of just 1.570 kilograms, there is a power to weight ratio from 1,57 kg / hp. This is absolute hypercar territory.

also suitable for the Spider

By the way: next to the closed variant is the RYFT SF90 SPYDER COMPETITION the open temptation of Ryft. Because the components are also suitable for the Spyder. And a few days ago, the team from RDB LA car shop shown with a complete remodel. Following the pictures of Zuumy from the vehicle.

Our conclusion on the SF90 "Competition Edition" from RYFT:

RYFT shows that hypercars can not only be modified shrill and onomatopoeic, but also that very subtle changes can be made to them that also have a real benefit. From our point of view, this is an extremely coherent one total package and we give a thumbs up. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Ferrari Arrabiata: the SF90 "Competition Edition" by RYFT!
Photo credit: RYFT

another vehicle with RYFT body kit and on BBS rims

  • Base: Ferrari SF90 Spider in Rosso Scuderia (black roof, yellow brake calipers)
  • Tuning by RDB LA
  • 21 inch BBS LM type rims
  • Novitech sports exhaust system
  • Novitech KW sport springs
  • Carbon body kit from RYFT (Scuderia-style side skirts, rear spoiler, canards, new front bumper, modified fenders and more)
  • are planned: 22 inch BBS LM on the rear axle, hydraulic KW lift system
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