Fiat Scudo/Ulysse (2022) with tuning by Irmscher!

Fiat ScudoUlysse 2024 Tuning Irmscher

In principle, one knows the traditional tuner Irmscher with modified Opel vehicles. But for some time now, the company from Remscheid has also been in touch with other models from the Stellantis group, which also belongs to Opel. And that includes the duo right now Fiat Scudo and Fiat Ulysse. These are twins, so to speak, with one taking over the job of a commercial vehicle and the other that of a classic car. Both are purely electrically powered and we can therefore already say that there are none Changes to the drive. The entire tuning industry is still holding back strongly here. Although there are times here and there a chip tuning for a Stromer, but performance increases for electric vehicles are not (yet) really acceptable. But back to the Fiat vehicles from Irmscher, which are technically identical to the current Opel Zafira. And Irmscher has already modified it.

Fiat Scudo/Ulysse by Irmscher

The tuning is limited to upgrading the two Italians in terms of optics and the Scudo and the Ulysse start with a striking one Front apron attachment with a large air intake. In the side view ensure matching side skirts for a harmonious transition and also the different Adhesive decor variants go well with the aerodynamic components. If you want, you can even make oval ones occurs pipes made of polished stainless steel or in matt black, one Bullbar , or grille insert in carbon or stainless steel look. But that's not all. Irmscher also changed the rear area. Because come here rear apron corners (Rear skirt widening) for use as a visual supplement to the Sills and the front lip, With a rear roof spoiler, which is available for all tailgates and also for the double doors, rounds off the rear view in a sporty way.

Rims in 18 to 20 inches

And of course the new ones cannot be overlooked alloy wheels. They ensure a particularly sporty look and are available from Irmscher in 18, 19 or 20 inches. The new Heli Star design are available in 18 and 20 inch format and if you are looking for a 19 inch rim, you will definitely find the high star happy in the finish variants front polished or black. And so that the wheel set sits perfectly in the wheel arch and the Stromer can also circle corners better Suspension by lowering the body by approx. 30 millimeters by means of shorter ones springs be optimized. Especially when you order the complete program, the Irmscher version of the Fiat Scudo/Ulysse makes for a really sporty appearance. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Tip: Irmscher also offers tuning parts for the Ducato, the Talento, the Doblo and the 500 & 500e for the Fiat model range. And other brands such as Ford, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Volkswagen & Co. can also be converted by Irmscher. 

Fiat ScudoUlysse 2024 Tuning Irmscher

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Fiat Scudo/Ulysse (2022) with tuning by Irmscher!
Photo credit: Irmscher

Fiat ScudoUlysse 2024 Tuning Irmscher Fiat ScudoUlysse 2023 Tuning Irmscher Fiat ScudoUlysse 2022 Tuning Irmscher

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