Romeo incognito! Fiat Stilo "Dark Angel Project" with Alfa front!

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Fiat Stilo Dark Angel Project Alfa Front 1

During the golden days of the Fiat group in Germany, which produced not only the Panda and the Uno but also various golf competitors, it was unthinkable to reduce the traditional Italian brand to a single model. Today there is not much left of it and, in addition to the 500 series, there is zappenduster in the Fiat portfolio for the German market. Models like the Punto and Bravo have long been history, and legitimate successors for the former guarantors of success for the Turinese are only available in South American markets. As is well known, hope dies last, and according to the management of the Stellantis Group, to which the Fiat brand belongs, new models are to follow soon for Europe, which should continue the tradition of cheap, but high-quality models for price-conscious buyers. Until then, we will bridge the gap with an extreme conversion of what has almost been forgotten fiat stilo, which is based in Toledo, Spain, and by Tuner David has been exceptionally modified.

What am I?

When looking at the front view, anyone who is ignorant immediately thinks of an Alfa! The ultra-wide and extremely deep Fiat got the front his corporate brother Alfa 147, but without the Alfa emblem in the Scudetto. Even the classic air inlets, called “Baffi” by the traditional Italian brand, and that asymmetrical license plate, which is typical of the current Alfa models, should not be missing on the Stilo.

This is also noticeable Wide body kit, which gives the Stilo a stately width of 1,90 meters. In addition, they were shiny chrome wheels in 20-inch format with the name Estatus Omega installed on the car, which causes a sensation with its martial ninja throwing star look. Brutal side skirts can also be found on the Stilo, which should make boarding difficult. At the stern, the madness continues in the form of Clear glass rear lights in the Lexus style of the millennium years, a completely clean one Hatchback, a powerful roof spoiler and a new one rear bumperwhich comes from a BMW 1 series. Also found one Sports exhaust system with two rectangular tailpipes the way to the Italo-Golf, and one Star pattern on the tailgate as well as on the flanks, the design loosens up a bit.

All the stops have been pulled in the interior!

Fiat Stilo Dark Angel Project Alfa Front 18

Anyone who thinks that tuner David has already shot his powder with the unique exterior is wrong! The interior is even more extraordinary than you can imagine in your wildest dreams. The dashboard, the Seats, which by the way come from a Ford Probe, as well as the Door panels, were covered with cream-colored leather. This is still the most normal modification that we can marvel at in the Hollywood-style interior. The sun visors for the driver and front passenger are probably unique in Europe because they each come with an integrated one Playstation portable with which you can pass the time gambling in traffic jams. Join in two monitors on the rear seat backrests, which ensure that both rear passengers can also while away the time watching DVDs or playing computer games, because the exquisite interior offers the option of watching TV as well as one Playstation.

The entire luggage compartment was also equipped with a Sound systemthat uses components of Mac Audio, AudioSystem, Boss, ESX and HER waits, equipped, and thereby the rear window loses its function. To make matters worse, both the steering wheel as well as shift knob and handbrake lever decorated with Swarovski stones! Last but not least, the coolest interior mirror we have seen so far is also in the vehicle: one with a flame look from a design studio.

We can only puzzle over the motorization!

We don't know what heart is beating under the Fiat's hood. We are only aware of the power transmission to the front wheels via a five-speed manual transmission.

Our conclusion on the Fiat Stilo:

Absolute madness that was constructed in Spain! The interior in particular dwarfs everything! We pay our respects to tuner David and his crew for the project! We have attached a picture gallery of the car at the end of the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Romeo incognito! Fiat Stilo "Dark Angel Project" with Alfa front and extreme tuning!
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