Slammed Volvo V60 with Airride chassis & turbo fans!

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Flamed Volvo V60 Airride suspension Turbofans 3 Flamed Volvo V60 with Airride suspension & Turbofans!

A Volvo V60 is usually not a vehicle that can be found in the tuning scene. The lifestyle station wagon, which is mostly driven by people who attach great importance to understatement and is viewed more as a Swedish alternative to the Mercedes C-Class T-model, is usually not modified. Nevertheless, of course, exceptions confirm the rule, and so today we would like to introduce you to a heavily modified Volvo V60 that does its laps in China, and some from its owner Tuning measures has experienced. Of course, for every tuner, regardless of which brand they prefer, the top priority is to put a unique automobile on its wheels, because after all, you want to stand out from the crowd.

Cool Sweden station wagon with character.

This is probably what the owner of the V60 thought, too, who bought his sweetheart with the help of a KW Airride chassis, pressed so deep in the direction of the asphalt that the Ikea bomber became a tiller. They are also very noticeable 20 incher on the rear axle, which is in Turbine look were held, and the highlight of the car are probably the turbofans, which were specially made for the vehicle, and even the lettering "Suprewagon“Engraved to make it clear which automobile they belong on. Incidentally, were on the front axle 19-inch wheels raised, which unfortunately cannot be seen due to the turbo fans.

The station wagon also rolls up Bridgestone Potenza tireswhose dimensions are unfortunately not known to us either. You may love or hate them, the turbo fans, but they are definitely cult and look good on the white Swedes. There was also a Roof rack Mounted by Thule on the car, whose aerodynamic shape helps ensure that you don't use too much fuel when you travel with the roof box despite the additional storage space. We think the station wagon is pretty cool, and even if the front and rear have remained unchanged, you can certainly be seen with it at any brand-open tuning meeting. Above all, the V60 testifies to the diversity and individuality of the global tuning scene.

Unfortunately, we do not know the drive.

Flamed Volvo V60 Airride suspension Turbofans 24 Flamed Volvo V60 with Airride suspension & Turbofans!

Unfortunately, we don't know which engine is under the hood of the V60, but there should definitely be enough power to comfortably cruise the streets at the weekend. With the Airride chassis, the car is not designed for fast cornering anyway, but to pose very cool on the boulevard.

Our Summary about this Volvo V60:

We are always impressed by the creative ideas that Chinese tuners bring to the fore and the projects that are being realized in the Middle Kingdom. Of course we have a lot of respect and a thumbs up for so much creativity. If you see it the same way, then you can take a look at the V60 in the picture gallery that we have attached to the article for you. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!


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Slammed Volvo V60 with Airride and turbo fans!
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