Friday May 7th 2021

High visibility McLaren 12C flip-flop from Metro Wrapz

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Flip-flop color change McLaren 12C foiling Tuning 3 Clearly-visible flip-flop McLaren 12C by Metro Wrapz

Well, to be honest, this 90s color change thing isn't really my thing at all. I myself am originally a trained painter and this trend was just emerging during my training. Every Opel Corsa, VW Golf or Ford Focus should get a flip-flop color change paint job at the end of the 90s and that's probably why I'm so sick of it. But slowly but surely, the current vehicles are convincing me in the form of a McLaren P1 MSO, one VW Scirocco or even from this BMW 5er again from the opposite. The seemingly new flare trend looks quite consistent and interesting on some vehicles and does not seem as cheesy as it used to be the case. Even the last project of Metro Wrapz is no exception and fits in seamlessly. The 12C received a matt chameleon film (Avery ColorFlow) all around and was put on a set of OZ Racing alloy wheels in black. These two changes let the athlete shine in a completely new style and do not even look exaggerated, I think. What do you think? There isn't much more to say about the car so we'll leave it with the photo story for the time being. If we get more information about further modifications made to the 12C, there is of course, as always, an update for this post. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos.

Flip-flop color change McLaren 12C foiling Tuning 4 Clearly-visible flip-flop McLaren 12C by Metro Wrapz

(Photos: Metro Wrapz)

These are the changes to the McLaren 12C:

  • matte chameleon foliation (Avery ColorFlow) all around
  • OZ Racing alloy wheels in black
  • red calipers
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)
  • possibly a sports exhaust system (more information is not available)

What is a flip-flop finish?

  • Flop, more rarely flip-flop, is the change in the coloristic properties of a material depending on the viewing angle
  • if the color changes due to the lightness, it is a lightness flop, if (additionally / exclusively) the hue changes, it is a hue flop.

We still have many thousands more photo stories on, if you wanted to see an excerpt then just click HERE. And we also have a few other vehicles from Metro Wrapz, the following is a small excerpt:

Rusted i8 Coating Ratlook BMW i8 Vossen VPS 305T 2 310x165 Highly visible flip-flop McLaren 12C from Metro Wrapz

Austin Mahone BMW i8 in Ratlook design

BMW i8 Jeff Koon's Art Car tuning 1 310x165 Clearly visible flip-flop McLaren 12C by Metro Wrapz

BMW i8 in the Jeff Koons Art Car Style by Metro Wrapz

Metro Wrapz BMW i8 Matt Orange Foil Wrap Tuning 1 1 e1470112078373 310x165 McLaren 12C's unmistakable flip-flop by Metro Wrapz

Metro Wrapz BMW i8 with Matt Orange Foil

FlipFlop color change is back IN

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Verivox tuning blog credit 12 Unmistakable flip-flop McLaren 12C from Metro Wrapz

go Unmistakable FlipFlop McLaren 12C from Metro Wrapz

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