New Ford GT comes with optional carbon rims


Ford Performance and the Australian rim specialist Carbon Revolution (Ronal Group) are now offering optional carbon wheels for the Ford GT super sports car. While carbon fiber rims have so far only played a role in motorsport, the particularly light carbon wheels from the Ford GT could also be popular in the series production of sports cars Tuning Part play an important role soon.

Ford GT Carbon Rims 1 New Ford GT comes with optional carbon rims

Optional footwear: Ford GT with Carbon Revolution rims

The high-quality carbon wheel was originally developed by the Australian company Carbon Revolution, which now operates as an independent rim brand under the Ronal Group, which was founded in 1969. Compared to conventional rims, carbon fiber rims have many advantages, such as a reduction in the unsprung mass and the associated performance advantages. The optionally available carbon wheels of the Ford GT have the same dimensions as the standard rims - 8,5 x 20 at the front and 11,5 x 20 at the rear. The use of carbon fiber saves around one kilogram of weight per wheel compared to the conventional aluminum version. By the way: The Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 R is also available with carbon rims. Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!

Ford GT Carbon Rims 2 New Ford GT comes with optional carbon rims

Carbon wheels bring decisive advantages

The special and so far unique carbon rims show compared to conventional Tuning Rims decisive advantages. These include clear handling and steering characteristics, shorter braking distances, an overall reduced vehicle weight and lower driving noise. Compared to standard aluminum alloy wheels, carbon wheels are not only 40 to 50 percent lighter, but also more rigid. As part of the unsprung masses, the wheels influence the driving feel and driving behavior. The Carbon Revolution brand carbon wheels are currently available in diameters of 19 and 20 inches and in widths of 8.5 to 12 inches.

Ford GT Carbon Rims 3 New Ford GT comes with optional carbon rimsAs in most automobile and wheel production facilities, carbon wheels are also tested for durability and rigidity using computer models and prepared accordingly for use in regular road traffic. With various analysis tools - such as the finite element method - the physical processes can be checked and extensively tested. Thanks to the highly developed computer programs, the specialists can simulate cornering or driving over the curb and check the carbon wheels in real time directly on the computer for possible sources of error. The test methods on the computer are primarily intended to save time and money in prototype development and minimize high tool wear as much as possible. Practical tests with the first prototypes directly under the vehicle body are of course also carried out.

Problems with the approval of carbon bikes

On the approval side, the wheels have been quite problematic due to their properties: The Carbon Revolution CR-9 has only been approved and tested for vehicles such as the Porsche 2013 GT911 RS or BMW M3 since 3 in Switzerland and Great Britain. According to the manufacturer, other vehicle types and models will follow in the near future. Approval of carbon wheels within Germany has already been applied for according to the Ronal Group for various vehicle types. On the website, the manufacturer writes that the carbon wheels have successfully completed and passed all tests by the testing organizations (TÜV). Only the legal standards stand in the way of carbon wheels, because according to the current situation, only aluminum and steel wheels are permitted - non-metallic wheels must not be approved.

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