Friday July 23, 2021

Overlander Expedition Vehicle based on Ford F-550 Lariat!

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Overlander Expedition Vehicle based on Ford F 550 Lariat 6 Overlander Expedition Vehicle based on Ford F 550 Lariat!

Unbound Freedom showed in 2019 the "Overlander" based on a powerful Ford F-550 Lariat 4 × 4 pickup. And we would now like to send you the promo film for the vehicle. Because we are right in the middle of it Camping season. The Overlander sees itself as a "real" Expedition vehicle with a Höherlegung of 3,5 inches (8,89-centimeters) due to one Suspension lift kit in combination with Hellwig stabilizers (front and rear), Fox 2.0 Reservoir Racing shock absorbers and Fox 2.0 IFP steering stabilizers. This is joined by a powerful phrase Continental MPT81 heavy-duty tires (Military tires) on special rims and the body of the camper consists of an aluminum frame and a TCC construction. Four-season insulation is installed in order to always have perfect temperatures in the cabin.

Overlander Expedition Vehicle

A 10.000 BTU air conditioning system and a 25.000 BTU DSI heater make the cozy climate inside the vehicle possible. There are also heated and insulated tanks. But that's not all. The Overlander Expedition Vehicle based on the Ford F-550 Lariat also has the following to offer:

  • 1.520 watt solar system

  • 12.000 Wh battery pack

  • 3.000 watt sine wave inverter with 6.000 watt maximum

  • 125 Ah charger

  • four 250-watt Go Power lithium batteries

  • Monitoring via Bluetooth from the phone

  • Living room with stainless steel appliances, induction hob, microwave, dining area, foam mattress, various built-in lights, etc.

  • Two models are available as SRD from US $ 187.500 and ERD from US $ 221.633 (SRD is shorter and has no off-road options or features)

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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crua outdoors aer rooftop tent Crua VRE Dachzelt Camping 6 310x165 Overlander Expedition Vehicle based on Ford F 550 Lariat!

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Camping people campers field 1 e1620214400771 310x165 Overlander Expedition Vehicle based on Ford F 550 Lariat!

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Kimberley Kampers Offroad Camper 2021 5 310x165 Overlander Expedition Vehicle based on Ford F 550 Lariat!

Overlander Expedition Vehicle Ford F-550 Lariat!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Overlander Expedition Vehicle based on Ford F 550 Lariat!

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