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Ford Fiesta ST Edition - with adaptable dampers!

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Ford Fiesta ST Edition 2021 1 Ford Fiesta ST Edition with adaptable dampers!

Now the fast-paced Ford Fiesta ST * is getting even sharper: Ford is presenting an ST edition of its multi-award-winning compact sports car that transforms it into a veritable “track tool” for dedicated excursions on closed circuits. The limited special model of the successful series produced in Cologne-Niehl, developed by Ford Performance, rushes through the bends even more ambitiously thanks to a stainless steel coilover kit with three different drive programs, which was developed on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring and adjustable in rebound and compression stages. A mechanical locking differential from Quaife for the driven front wheels is also available on request. The 1,5 liter Ford EcoBoost three-cylinder with 147 kW (200 hp) continues to provide powerful propulsion. It accelerates the most agile Ford Fiesta ST of all time to 6,5 km / h in 100 seconds and enables a top speed of 230 km / h. The Ford Fiesta ST Edition can be ordered now and costs from 32.000 euros.

18-inch alloy wheels

Ford Fiesta ST Edition 2021 2 Ford Fiesta ST Edition with adaptable dampers!
Photo: Ford

The exclusively three-door ST edition comes as standard with pressure-rolled 18-inch light-alloy wheels in a 10-spoke design, which are around two kilograms lighter than the Ford Fiesta ST, and stands out with its exclusive paintwork in nitro blue and high-gloss black body elements . In the interior, the ST Edition sets itself apart with special applications in a carbon-fiber-carbon look, blue decorative stitching and a new Ford Performance sports steering wheel that enables a direct switch to "Sport" driving mode via a separate button. "It is well known that the agility of the Ford Fiesta ST stands out among the sporty small cars. With the adjustable chassis, the handling properties can now be specifically optimized“, Emphasizes Stefan Münzinger, Manager Ford Performance in Europe. "Compression and rebound as well as the ride heights - and thus the ground clearance - can be set independently of each other. This means that the driving experience can be adapted to individual needs or the respective purpose. These are very high quality chassis elements."

Exactly balanced and precisely controllable

Ford Fiesta ST Edition 2021 4 Ford Fiesta ST Edition with adaptable dampers!

For the development of the ST edition of the Ford Fiesta ST, the experts from Ford Performance have chosen what is probably the most difficult and demanding test track in the world: the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. The result is convincing with a very balanced chassis balance and a precisely defined, easily controllable self-steering behavior in the limit area. In addition, the special model offers the opportunity to individually adapt the handling to your own wishes and external conditions by means of extensive setting options. This is made possible by new double-tube shock absorbers (stainless steel housing): In the compression stage, the path over which the dampers are compressed on a bump, for example, can be influenced over twelve stages and thus the response of the chassis can be adapted to the respective road quality. The rebound, also known as "rebound", can even be set in 16 levels. It defines the speed and the force with which the dampers return to their starting position.

Ford Fiesta ST Edition 2021 3 Ford Fiesta ST Edition with adaptable dampers!

This is important for the contact between the bike and the road. Working out the perfect set-up for a specific circuit from the complex combination options between compression and rebound stages, with which the potential of the tires can also be optimally used, is a case for detail-loving tinkerers - the result will convince drivers and fans of the Ford Fiesta ST Edition. The adjustable twin-tube shock absorbers develop their full effect in conjunction with shorter sport springs, which further lower the vehicle's center of gravity. They reduce the ground clearance on the front axle by 15 millimeters and on the rear wheels by ten millimeters - thanks to the exclusive powder coating in Ford Performance blue, they also look great.

18-inch aluminum wheels in 10-spoke design

The extra light 18-inch aluminum wheels also make an important contribution to the agile responsiveness of the ST Edition chassis. Compared to the standard rims of the Ford Fiesta ST basic model, they weigh a good two kilograms less - and since the weight savings in the area of ​​unsprung and rotating masses occur, this has a disproportionate effect. In plain language: The load acting on springs and dampers is reduced - and the contact between the tires and the road improves significantly. With their 10-spoke design, these light alloy wheels offer the same stability as traditional forged wheels, but thanks to their special production process, they use significantly less material. Shortly after the casting process, a rolling process exerts pressure on the inner shell of the rim. The aluminum is stretched and compressed in a targeted manner until it has reached the desired shape.

Mechanical locking differential from Quaife on request

Buyers of the Ford Fiesta ST Edition can - as part of the optional performance package - use a mechanical front axle limited-slip differential from Quaife. It increases the traction of the driven front wheels, especially when cornering quickly, and works symbiotically with Ford's standard torque vectoring technology. When accelerating out of bends, targeted braking action prevents the unloaded wheel from spinning on the inside. Desired effect: on a dry road, the drive torque is converted into propulsion more efficiently, on a wet road the vehicle remains precisely controllable.

Ford Fiesta ST Edition 2021 6 Ford Fiesta ST Edition with adaptable dampers!

The agile chassis characteristics of the Ford Fiesta ST Edition also benefit from special steering knuckles and the correspondingly adapted electro-mechanical EPAS power steering (Electric Power Assisted Steering) with its more direct 12: 1 ratio. The high-performance braking system uses ventilated 278-millimeter discs at the front and solid brake discs with a 253-millimeter diameter for the rear wheels.

Driving programs normal, sport and racetrack

The selective driving mode switch from the Fiesta ST with the setting options “Normal”, “Sport” and “Race Track” is also a standard part of the ST edition. What is new is that the "Sport" driving mode can now be activated directly using a special button in the new Ford Performance sports steering wheel. A “Launch Control” automatic start is also available. The ESP safety and stability program, which can be deactivated in three stages, is on board ex works.

Ford Fiesta ST Edition 2021 7 Ford Fiesta ST Edition with adaptable dampers!

The 1,5 liter EcoBoost three-cylinder has an output of 200 hp

Tried and tested and highly praised, the 1,5 liter EcoBoost three-cylinder from Ford does its job impressively under the bonnet of the Ford Fiesta ST Edition. It combines high-pressure direct petrol injection with two variably controlled camshafts and, with a maximum output of 147 kW (200 hp) and a maximum torque of 290 Nm, ensures you enjoy the wheel. This is reflected, for example, in an acceleration from zero to 100 km / h, which is done in 6,5 seconds. The top speed is set at 230 km / h. Thanks to innovative cylinder deactivation and the combination of intake manifold and direct injection, there is a combined fuel consumption of 6,1 liters / 100 km according to the NEDC standard. This corresponds to 6,6 liters in the WLTP cycle and CO2 emissions of 135 (149) g / km.

Striking design elements

Thanks to its independent design elements, the Ford Fiesta ST Edition causes a special stir even when it is stationary. One reason for this is its exclusive nitro blue body color. Until now, this color was only available as an option for vehicles from the Special Vehicle family, and in the case of the sporty Ford Fiesta ST edition model, it is deliberately flanked by contrasting accents in high-gloss black. This applies to the upper grille and the surround of the fog lights as well as to the light alloy wheels and the roof section or the rear spoiler and the rear diffuser element. The exterior mirror panels are also presented in high-gloss black - they project clearly visible “ST” logos onto the road in the dark as soon as the Ford Fiesta ST Edition is unlocked. On the other hand, the lower grille and the air inlet for the intercooler with their matt black surfaces and the black framed “ST” logos underline the special status of this ST edition.

Ford Fiesta ST Edition 2021 8 Ford Fiesta ST Edition with adaptable dampers!

In the interior, decorative elements with a carbon fiber-carbon finish characterize the design of the instrument panel including the air vents. The start button ("Power") is framed in bright red. The new Ford Performance sports steering wheel, flattened at the lower edge, as well as the handbrake lever and the gear knob of the manual 6-speed gearbox, has a touch-friendly leather cover with blue decorative stitching - a design feature that also applies to the door panels, seat belts and heated Recaro sports seats with their adjustable lumbar supports and the floor mats with an "ST" logo.

FordPass Connect modem as standard

In addition to the ST edition, all other Ford Fiesta ST model versions are now characterized by an even more versatile and easy-to-use range of connectivity technologies. This primarily affects the now standard FordPass Connect modem1. It impresses with a multitude of new functions that make staying on board even easier and more entertaining. For example, real-time traffic news ensures a stress-free journey. In addition, there are the extensive possibilities of the FordPass Connect app1. For example, it can determine the exact location of the vehicle from a distance and provides information on the current status of the fuel supply, the alarm system and the air pressures. At the same time, the vehicle can be locked and unlocked remotely or the remaining distance until the next oil change service is requested.

The Ford SYNC 3 communication and entertainment system has a simplified menu control with larger buttons on the eight-inch color touchscreen monitor. Smartphones and other mobile devices can be integrated free of charge via Apple CarPlay2 and Android Auto2. On request, Ford also offers an inductive charging station for appropriately equipped mobile devices.

Ford Fiesta ST Edition 2021 2 Ford Fiesta ST Edition with adaptable dampers!

Photos: Ford

Ford Fiesta ST Edition 2021 5 Ford Fiesta ST Edition with adaptable dampers!

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Ford Fiesta ST Edition 2021

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