Ford GT as a restomod small series with over 1.500 hp by GT1!

2005 Ford GT Restomod Tuning GT Michigan 11

Those who didn't manage to buy a new Ford GT in the 2000s will soon have an unexpected opportunity. Ford built a total of 2004 vehicles between August 2006 and September 4038, of which only 101 were destined for the European market at a price of €177.000 each. And the Michigan-based company GT1 has bought the last 30 chassis of the GT and plans to continue production of the coupe in the coming months with various modifications, quasi as Restomod, to resume. And as a highlight, almost three times the engine power should be available. Company GT1 has stated that the 30 chassis were stored for a staggering 15 years and the aim of the action was to turn them into a "club sports car like no other". While the chassis is just one piece of the puzzle, the company also secured the original builds from Matech Concepts, who fielded the GT in the GT2000 and GT3 categories in the late 1s.

Ford GT in small series

The GT1 team used the manufacturing molds to build a carbon fiber body that closely follows the lines and shapes of the OEM GT. At the same time, there should be several aerodynamic improvements, including some adjustment options. The new kit aims to further improve downforce compared to the production vehicle and at the same time only minimally increase air resistance or, at best, even leave it the same. Since Ford apparently had no engines left for the chassis, GT1 developed together with them Roush performance a 427-cubic-inch (7,0-liter) V8 with two rich ones Garrett G35 turbochargers.

2005 Ford GT Restomod Tuning GT Michigan 7

In the highest configuration, the tuned eight-cylinder provides over 1 hp, according to the GT1.500, which it continues to send exclusively to the rear wheels. Compared to the 2005 GT with the 5,4 liter V8 supercharged and 550 hp is of course an announcement. GT1 is of course also planning new ones so that the performance is consistently and above all "safely" on the road Chassis components from racing (including Multimatic dampers) to obstruct.

Orders are already being accepted

2005 Ford GT Restomod Tuning GT Michigan 10

So if you are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​turning the 2004 to 2006 Ford GT into a hypercar, you should act quickly. Because it is already possible to reserve one of the 30 copies, although the prices are not yet known. So far, GT1 only states that each vehicle will be handcrafted and that buyers will have numerous customization options. Incidentally, the development work for the small series is taking place on the M1 Concourse in Pontiac (Michigan/USA) and production is to take place in Oakland County (Michigan). If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

the most important details about the vehicle:

  • Five-point seat belts
  • sequential six-speed gearbox (SADEV gearbox)
  • 15 inch sports brake system
  • Bodywork with exposed carbon fiber and, among other things, a front splitter, new side skirts, different rear wing
  • Multimatic shock absorber (4-way adjustable)
  • Roush NASCAR V8 with two turbochargers and straight exhaust pipes
    – rotates 9.000 rpm.
    – RY45 Twin Turbo
    – Small block push rod construction
    – forged titanium intake valves
    – one-piece crankshaft
    - Approx. 1.220 NM torque from 3.700 rpm. and +1.500 hp
  • Development based on the Matech GT1 race car from 2010
  • 13 inch (approx. 33 cm) wide rear tires with Pirelli P-Zero (Forgeline SS1R rims)
  • Race car style interior with carbon fiber bucket seats, electronic displays and yoke steering wheel
  • The vehicle will debut at the American Speed ​​Festival in September 2023
  • About $1,2 million
  • 0-100 km/h in under 3,0 seconds (estimated)
  • Top speed: +200mph
  • Weight: 2.750 pounds (approx. 1.247 kg) for the prototype

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2005 Ford GT in small series with up to 1.500 hp by GT!
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