Crazy Ford Mustang (Gen. 6) with carbon body kit!

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Ford Mustang Gen. 6 body kit carbon tuning 16

Over the years, the Ford Mustang has blossomed from a sports coupe into a real sports car killer. With maximum 750 hp standard output it belongs in the Shelby version to the automotive Champions League. Its driving performance is at the level of Italian super sports cars, but its price is a fraction of what is called for Ferrari, Lamborghini and the like. Maybe that's why the most powerful Ford never got the attention of noble tuning forges that he actually deserved. Until now, because a tuning crew called Asira Designs from Arizona is now offering one Full carbon restyling kit for the (still) current generation of the popular pony car. We would like to introduce you to the previously fantastic modifications to the Mustang.

Carbon look for $43.000

Yes, you read that right! The complete carbon restyling kit costs without vehicle a whopping $43.000, which is significantly more than a new base Ford Mustang, which is already available in the USA for around $30.000. And if customers want visible carbon, another $15.000 is due. But not only the optics can be upgraded with Asira Designs, but also the Technology, A Brembo brakes as well as various chassis upgrades can be implemented as well as options for Weight saving.

Ford Mustang Gen. 6 body kit carbon tuning 18

These include Racing seats, removing the Back seat, a slight Custom sports exhaust system made of titanium as well as ultra-light racing rims. This results in a weight optimization of another 50 kg, in addition to the weight savings that already came about with the carbon parts. Finally, you can also Michelin PS4S tires or Michelin Cup 2 tires order, which increases the driving dynamics noticeably.

The interior can also be upgraded!

The tuning company Asira has transformed the standard Mustang cockpit, which is rather plain and stuffy, into a real Eldorado for lovers of comfort. Carbon, as far as the eye can see soft leather covers, 10,2 inch large screen for the infotainment system and a leather steering wheel with carbon fiber inserts, are available as an option, unless you make sure that the car darling should be particularly light and suitable for the race track. In this case, the weight optimization package mentioned above is available, which turns the Mustang into a real track tool.

Up to 850 hp are possible!

For the 5 liter Coyote V8 is a Compressor kit available, the performance at breathtaking 850 PS drives. It has finally arrived in the league of super sports cars. However, we have no information on the driving performance. Yes, the supercharger kit is included manual gearshift or automatic transmission available. All-wheel drive does not exist, but the power is only on the rear axle transmitted, which has to struggle properly with the power.

Our conclusion on the Ford Mustang GT with carbon body kit:

With all the options costing a whopping $100.000+, the 6th generation Mustang becomes a luxury GT. We like that and give it a thumbs up. If we get more information about the changes for the Mustang, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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The current Ford Mustang is now available with a complete carbon restyling kit!
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