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Ford RS200 Evolution from 1986 will be auctioned!

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Ford RS200 Evolution 1986 Tuning 2 Ford RS200 Evolution from 1986 will be auctioned!

Photos by Bring a Trailer

There were only 200 copies Built by this vehicle to be homologated for what was then Group B of the World Rally Championship, the RS200 is one of the rarest Ford models of all time. Of the 200 models built, 24 were converted into the RS200 Evolution, and an RS200 Evolution from 1986 is now on the US auction platform Bring a trailer auctioned. The copy was bought from the current seller in Norway, rebuilt in Great Britain, and imported to the USA in 2018, where it found its new home. The vehicle comes with Tool kit, manual and Invoices offered by the general overhaul of the engine, and has not yet run 800 km.

Rally monsters for the streets.

As soon as you see the RS200, as a car fan you feel transported back to the great times of rallying, as the so-called Group B cars fought for the World Cup, and there was still no talk of downsizing or even electrification. At that time it was also unimaginable that a small car like a VW Polo or a Hyundai i20, which compared to the Group B vehicles, would come in almost series production, would drive for the World Rally Championship. Times change, but the vehicles from back then remain legendary and unforgotten. In 35 years, hardly anyone will come to you Skoda Fabia WRC or Hyundai i20 WRC remember, but cars like the Ford RS200 will stay in the memory of true car and racing fans forever.

Ford RS200 Evolution 1986 Tuning 6 Ford RS200 Evolution from 1986 will be auctioned!

The Ford Coupé with its round headlights, the Airbox on the roof and the Turbo engine under the monstrous tailgate, which swings open completely with the body, revealing a view of the engine and spare wheel, it already looks as if you would like to take it to the next special stage right away. For the sake of completeness, the Ford RS200 Evolution is included multi-part 16-inch alloy wheels from Speedline, on which Falken FK451 tires in the format 245/45 R16 were mounted.

The interior also testifies to racing genes.

The spartan cockpit has not adjustable Bucket seats, one Fire Extinguisher, Three-spoke leather steering wheel as well as various instruments that show boost pressure, fuel pressure, voltage and oil pressure. The dashboard is gray, and the entire interior is designed for use in racing, and those who value comfort features will probably be less happy with the car.

Ford RS200 Evolution 1986 Tuning 10 Ford RS200 Evolution from 1986 will be auctioned!

2,1 liter turbo gasoline engine with around 600 hp.

The rally icon is powered by one 2,1-liter turbocharged gasoline enginethat is about from 600 HP performs, and also shows an enormous torque. The power is transmitted via a Five-speed manual on all four wheels. There are also three Locking differentials on board, which ensure that the Ford RS200, which was usually also used in rallycross, can perform spectacular drifts if the driver so wishes. Incidentally, the engine was built by Geoff Page Racing in Maldon, Essex, in February 2018. rebuilt.

Ford RS200 Evolution 1986 Tuning 8 Ford RS200 Evolution from 1986 will be auctioned!

Our conclusion on the Ford RS200 Evolution:

This vehicle is just a rolling icon. In addition to the GT40, it is probably the flagship of the brand, and the price should rise quickly with good care and regular maintenance, which makes the property perfect Investment suitable. If you can't get enough of the unique rally car, then click on our picture gallery, which we have provided for you at the end of the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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