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Express transporter - Ford Transit Connect RS with +400 PS!

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Ford Transit Connect RS MS RT Tuning Widebody 6 express transporter Ford Transit Connect RS with +400 PS!

High roof combinations are usually not vehicles that you associate with tuning. Created for families, courier services and craftsmen, they are not bought because you really want them, but because you want them for everyday life needs. Exactly the opposite is the case with British tuners and car enthusiasts Jo Lawrencebefore buying the Ford Transit Connect with MS-RT sports package owned a Nissan GT-R, which he said was too much of a Playstation and offered too little authentic driving experience. For most people, it's a huge descent if you drove a Nissan GT-R R35 and then switched to a Ford Transit Connect, but Jo disagrees because he modified the van according to his wishes, and this one Probably one-of-a-kind specimen we are introducing to you today in more detail.

Inconspicuous box in a sports look.

When it comes to design, such pragmatists are of course never exciting, because this type of vehicle is not designed to win the hearts of car fans. It was not originally planned to tune this Transit Connect so heavily, but as you know, things always turn out differently than you first think. This is how this already sportier version of the civil Transit Connect was named MS-RTwho have a Body kit, OZ racing rims and an ultra cool one Four pipe exhaust system has been pimped up again to create a unique vehicle that not only craftsmen rave about.

There were also front Threaded springs from KW called V3 installed to improve the road holding and lower the center of gravity of the high-roof station wagon a little. Come back Custom lowering springs are used, which were specially made for the vehicle. Also were Revo RV019 rims in the format 8,5 × 19-inch attached to the Michelin Pilot Sport Tires in the format 245/40 R19. There's someone living behind the chic alloy wheels from Revo Racing brake system from the Focus Mk3 RS, which should ensure decent deceleration values, even at high speeds, because under the hood there is a surprise that nobody expects.

Sport and luxury are paired in the interior.

But before we get to the technical data of the express transporter, let's take a look at the interior of the car. Almost all of it Cockpit, including the center console, was made by a Ford Focus RS accepted. These include the heatable ones Recaro bucket seats and Sport steering wheel and the Mountune shifter. The trunk, on the other hand, became complete Lined with carpet and soundproofed. But the highlight in the interior is undoubtedly the dimmable one starry sky, which makes the headliner a very special treat and is strongly reminiscent of Rolls-Royce and other luxury vehicles. So you can not only travel quickly, but also very comfortably.

Ford Transit Connect RS MS RT Tuning Widebody 13 express transporter Ford Transit Connect RS with +400 PS!

The 2,3-liter turbo four-cylinder provides plenty of steam

This Ford Transit Connect is powered by a 2,3 liter EcoBoost engine driven, which does its job in a similar way in the current Ford Mustang. With the help of a Revo Stage 2 softwareto Milltek downpipe and a Airtec RS intercooler the unit performs according to the tuner about 400 PS.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the maximum torque, but it should be completely sufficient. Incidentally, the power is transmitted via a Six-speed manual from the Ford Focus ST250, and only the front wheels are driven. With so much power, this high-roof station wagon is something for couriers in a hurry, or simply ideal for the quarter mile to pull off unsuspecting competitors.

Our Summary for this Ford Transit Connect RS:

At first it was an insane project, but it definitely makes sense and will surely make a lot of friends. It also shows once again that you have a lot of creativity on the island when it comes to vehicle tuning. Big respect to Jo Lawrence who made the project a reality. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Express transporter - Ford Transit Connect RS with +400 PS!
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