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So that the power remains permanent - the forged pistons!

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Forged Piston Piston Kit Tuning Piston Set e1580707593921 So that the power remains the forged piston!

If you want to upgrade your engine, you need pistons that are designed for the enormous loads. Improved pistons and other improved tuning accessories (Piston rings, connecting rods) are available from specialist dealers for almost every engine. For example, pistons that are available for tuned engines are forged to withstand high temperatures. The advantages of forged pistons and which automotive parts are still available in improved versions when tuning the engine are explained below.

Forged pistons - what advantages?

Forged Piston Piston Kit Tuning Piston Set 2 So that the power remains the forged piston!

A tuned engine has to withstand extreme demands. Pistons, piston rings and connecting rods are exposed to extreme loads and should be purchased in improved versions for the tuned car engine. Forged pistons can withstand high temperatures and are particularly useful for tuned engines (more than Chiptuning) advantageous. When buying improved pistons, attention should be paid to a high specific strength and density. The improved variants can take up more power and this with an identical surface and sometimes less material. Forged pistons are available from various manufacturers. It is advisable to consult a tuning forum or a tuning workshop about the suitable pistons before buying.

What else should you look for when buying pistons?

Forged Piston Piston Kit Tuning Piston Set 3 e1580707735387 So that the power remains the forged piston!

When buying pistons for the car engine, care should be taken to ensure maximum stability. Forged pistons, for example from Mahle or Wiseco, are particularly suitable for performance-enhanced turbo engines. The pistons can be used in 2.5L TFSI engines, for example. The articles with steel connecting rods are available as a set from certain shop providers. When buying, attention should be paid to high-quality materials that are suitable for increasing performance. Specialist dealers offer improved pistons with a special alloy. The processed materials result in light forged pistons that are highly compressed and at the same time are particularly stable thanks to the special alloy. Improved pistons for the tuning area are often used in vehicles with an output of 650 HP or more. However, this value is only an example. A vehicle with 150 HP may also need forged pistons. For example, if the series engine only had an output of 70-90 hp. Then there is a performance increase of sometimes 100% and the load on the engine and its components increases enormously.

Pistons and other automotive parts for the engine

Automotive parts for the engine, such as pistons, piston rings and connecting rods, are available for many car models and brands. In addition to forged pistons from Mahle and Wiseco, high-quality variants from other manufacturers, such as JE Pistons, are also available. The extensive range is sometimes confusing and when buying should be asked for the right pistons and car parts. Any other changes to the engine, if any, can be of crucial importance and must be taken into account when purchasing the forged pistons. Tuning specialists in forums or workshops can often help with the topic. It is important to purchase the right vehicle part for the engine, the car brand or the car model. In addition to suitable pistons, high-quality piston ring sets and the corresponding connecting rods should also be purchased. Often this is not a problem because the forged pistons are usually offered in a complete set with corresponding piston rings and connecting rods. The appropriate specialist dealer can also help with questions and recommend pistons, connecting rods and piston rings for certain engines.

Improved Piston Conclusion

Tuning, which should go beyond simple chip tuning, requires high-quality automotive parts such as improved pistons, connecting rods and piston rings. When purchasing, attention must be paid to forged pistons and corresponding sets for the engine that match the vehicle model / engine. A modified engine needs pistons that can withstand the high loads and temperatures easily and permanently. Forged pistons with the perfect compression ratio are especially advisable when the cylinder pressure is high. They have a high specific density and strength and can absorb more force with the same area. With good pistons, it's easy to do that Reduce compaction but without sacrificing durability and performance.

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Forged Piston Piston Kit Tuning Piston Set 4 So that the power remains the forged piston!

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