Rocket Bunny widebody kit on Nissan GT-R on ADV.1 Wheels

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Rocket Bunny Nissan GT R ADV.1 Wheels Tuning 14 Rocket Bunny Widebody Kit on the Nissan GT R on ADV.1 Wheels

On the website of the Indonesian magazine Hawk'n'Poke We have discovered a spectacular vehicle that we must necessarily show you. It is a bright yellow Nissan GT-R next to an extreme Pandem rocketbunny tra-kyoto Bodykit one more sentence ADV.1 Wheels Alloy rims received and can hardly be seen. By the way, the Alu's are of the type ADV.1 06R TS Competition and have the format 21 × 11.5 inches on the front axle and an incredible 14.5 inches at the rear. The rim star is black and the rim beds are painted in the same color as the car, as are the brake calipers.

⚠ Widebody kit & 21 incher⚠

Rocket Bunny Nissan GT R ADV.1 Wheels Tuning 8 Rocket Bunny Widebody Kit on the Nissan GT R on ADV.1 Wheels

Another highlight is of course the unmistakable Voltex GT rear wing Type II as well as the GTC carbon parts in the form of a hood, the roof, etc. Apart from the changes just mentioned, there is a real list of modifications that were carried out on the GT-R. For example were a lot AMS Performance & HKS Parts installed that ensure a strong increase in performance. Although we do not know the exact key data, we assume that it has become a real "Godzilla". "Godzilla" is what tuning fans like to call GT-Rs that have been pimped towards the 1.000 hp mark. We have attached a copy of the list in English for you below and leave you alone with the hammer-hard pictures at this point. 🙂 If we get a video from the GT-R, there is of course an update for this post. You will be informed about the update when you get ours Feed subscribed. We hope you enjoy watching.

(Photos: Hawk'n'Poke)

The details of the Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R on ADV.1 Wheels:

    AMS reservoir tank
    AMS Intercooler R
    HKS Premium Intake Turbo Inlet
    HKS Spark Plug
    HKS EVC 5
    HKS Oil Cap
    ARMYTRIX Titanium Exhaust Full System
    Carbon engine cover
    Carbon side frame bottom v
    Carbon cover top
    Carbon cover frame
    Braided steel house kit vacuum hose
    Weapon R intercooler pipe
    Injectors 1000cc
    COBB tuning ECU tune
    Rocket Bunny Pandem V2 Carbon
    Headlight facelift with DRL
    Valenti plasma LED rearlights
    GTC carbon hood, roof, trunk and front canards
    Yellow mustard paint job
    APR GT3 CFRP mirror
    Voltex GT Wing Type II
    ADV.1 06R TS Competition 21 "x11.5-14.5 Candy Gold lips, Candy Black dish
    Air Force Suspension Super Performance with Programmable
    Forged adapter 40mm front
    Forged adapter 80mm rear
    Pirelli P Zero tires
    Yellow Scotch Caliper Brembo
    Carbon rear seat back and bottom
    Carbon speaker console
    Carbon pillars
    carbon panels
    Nismo shift knob
    Nismo Speedometer
    Alcantara carbon steering wheel
    Bride Stradia II Yellow Carbon
    Takata seatbelt
    Cusco 5-point
    Sub PI 10 "
    Power Monoblock HDT 3000W
    Power Harmonic Drive 4-channel
    Suede headliner


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