Monday, July 26, 2021

Great Wall Motors

Rather unknown in this country, Great Wall Motors applies (Complete: Baoding Great Wall Automobile Holding Co., Ltd .; or just GWM) as one of the larger, up-and-coming automobile manufacturers in the People's Republic of China. The company is based in Baoding, Hebei Province. From 1994 to 1996, Great Wall only built a car model that came on the road under the Changcheng brand. It was the Changcheng CC 6470 as a four-door notchback sedan and the look of the Ford Taunus. Incidentally, the brand emblem and the name of the company stand for the Great Wall of China. Great Wall has expanded the product range significantly in recent years. It now includes small cars, SUVs and pickups. And the company is the first Chinese automaker to even have an assembly plant in the European Union. Namely at the village of Bachowiza near the Bulgarian city Lovech. The components are manufactured in China and then assembled in the plant in Bulgaria. The SUVs, limousines and pickups of the Voleex, Hover and Wingle models can be bought in Europe for 8.000 to 22.000 euros. Other vehicles are (as of 2020) the Wey VV7 and the fully electric Ora R1.

Great Wall Ora R1 with self-made tuning - dwarf rebellion with electric power.

Widebody Great Wall Ora R1 Tuning BBS Header 310x165 Great Wall Ora R1 with self-made tuning dwarf rebellion with electric power.

As soon as the small Great Wall Ora R1 is presented, it is already being refined. The electric speedster is probably the cheapest battery-powered one with the equivalent of around 16.000 euros, which you have to put down if you want to bring the vehicle to Germany as a gray import ...

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