G-Power BMW 750i Sedan (G11 / G12) with 670 PS!

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G Power BMW 750i Sedan G11 G12 Tuning Downpipe Stage 2 2 G Power BMW 750i Sedan (G11 / G12) with 670 PS!

Slowly but surely, the days of BMW 7 series G11 / G12 counted, because more and more Prototypes, the new 70 Series, known as the factory G7, can be seen on the roads and test tracks in this country. It's hard to believe that the flagship is already nearing the end of production. Regardless of this, the current luxury sedan from Munich is still considered an extremely powerful vehicle in terms of technology, workmanship and drive. The majority of customers buy a sevens because of the luxury and comfort, of course, but some people also buy the luxury liner because of the performance of the engines. The best example is the famous N74B66-V12 from the M760Li, which enables acceleration values ​​at the level of a thoroughbred athlete with 610 PS & 800 NM as a PRE facelift and with 585 PS & 850 NM as a facelift. And no less impressively follows the 750Li below 530 PS & 750 NM, whose engine (N63B44TÜ2) we look like our M550i know. So there is (Luckily) still a market for fans of V8 and V12 engines.

G-Power BMW 750i Sedan

And especially the variant with 530 PS eight-cylinder should now be in focus. In the focus of the tuner G-Power. They have pre-buttoned the limousine, which is already extremely fast ex works. Because a lot more power can be extracted from the engine.

And as we know, the G-Power team specializes in just that. So you've created a kit that turns the 750i into a real Sleeper transformed. The increase in performance for the 4,4-liter twin-turbo V8 is divided into two categories: Stage 1 and Stage 2. The former is essentially just one Software Upgrade for the control unit, which has the power of 530 PS & 750 Nm of torque 620 PS & 850 Nm raises. That's just the level of one M5 Competition of the current generation F90. But that's not all! There is still that Stage 2 upgrade. Here you also install the new software for the Motor control portion, hold at the same time but also changed down pipes Indentation to the overall performance up 670 PS & 900 Nm torque to grow.

Top speed a good 330 km / h

G Power BMW 750i Sedan G11 G12 Tuning Downpipe Stage 2 1 G Power BMW 750i Sedan (G11 / G12) with 670 PS!

The 7 Series is thus equipped to be stronger than any production BMW that has ever left the factory. And with the increase in performance, the increase also increases top speed at. The G-Power upgrade in the 750i eliminates the electronic lock at 250 km / h and leaves the 7 series good 330 run. In combination with the comfort that the G11 / G12 has to offer, that's one thing impressive combination. And that doesn't change much if you take the optional G-Power forged wheels installed that carries the photo vehicle. Of course, in combination with the Lowering the comfort decrease a little, but the visual plus point and the more agile driving behavior loosely oppose this. The changes to the vehicle are rounded off by the pictures with individual ones G-Power emblems front and back as well as a special one Engine cover. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

G Power BMW 750i Sedan G11 G12 Tuning Downpipe Stage 2 7 G Power BMW 750i Sedan (G11 / G12) with 670 PS!

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G-Power BMW 750i Sedan (G11 / G12) with 670 PS!
Photo credit: G-POWER

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