Saturday 23rd October 2021

Giovanna Wheels films the BMW I8 in matt metallic Grigio

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When filming everything is possible as we know, unfortunately, a lot can go wrong as far as the taste. Best examples for example on the BMW I8 are in my opinion the BMW I8 in green or even this one BMW I8 by designer Richard James. The problem is to find a nice combination with the blue details of the BMW I8 ex works. The rim manufacturer Giovanna Wheels now shows us a BMW I8 that was refined by the “Supreme Wrapping Film” team and its owner Avery Dennison. Visually, the whole thing can definitely be seen in my opinion. The tuning team around Giovanna Wheels & Supreme Wrapping Film has on this BMW I8 made the following changes:

bmw i8 wrapped metallic grigio 1 Giovanna Wheels foils the BMW I8 in matt metallic Grigio


  • Foil in metallic Grigio gray

If we have forgotten something you notice, then just tell us in the comment box. Should we also learn in the near future, new details about this tuning conversion, we will inform you of course in this post.

Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Giovanna Wheels foils the BMW I8 in matt metallic Grigio

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