Friday May 7th 2021

New style - dynamic rear lights from Glohh on the Range Rover Sport L320

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The Range Rover Sport receives a chic upgrade

Range Rover vehicles are classy and have a great look. The chic design of the L320 Range Rover Sport models was not enough for the innovative auto parts manufacturer Glohh, which is why they launched a new rear light for the luxury vehicle. The GL-3 taillight was specially designed for the first generation of the Range Rover Sport and, thanks to the dynamic indicator function (dynamic indicator), looks great on the vehicle. The taillights from Glohh give the car a modern look in combination with the use of the latest technology in the industry.

The look of the GL-3 lights has been deliberately kept simple so as not to lose focus on the chic rear view of the L320 Range Rover Sport. The chief developer of the GL-3 taillights, Dr. Faheem Rafiq sees the SUV as a legendary example of one of the most popular automobiles of our time. Since the production of the first generation of the Range Rover Sport had ended, Glohh wanted to create an example with the GL-3 taillights, how an old car can get a new shine. The market for the GL-3 is large: over 300.000 of the expensive premium vehicles have been sold since production started. Glohh's product has already attracted worldwide attention, which is why the British manufacturer's rear lights can already be found on Range Rover vehicles in Russia or Dubai.

The GL-3 taillights not only have a good look, they also impress with other functions. The product from Glohh has been tested in a wind tunnel and has excellent aerodynamics and low air resistance. The chic GL-3 taillights were manufactured under strict quality requirements and make the vehicle more visible on the road both during the day and at night. This effect is reinforced by the bright LED lamps, which shine up to 50 percent more strongly than the original lights of the manufacturer. Replacing the taillights is very easy and can be done quickly. The Range Rover Sport models from 2005 to 2009 and 2010 to 2013 do not require any additional electronics. The GL-3 taillights are simply installed here and connected to the existing wiring.

The innovative GL-3 taillights are a great upgrade for the L320 Range Rover Sport and a must for owners of the car. The taillights enhance the rear view of the vehicle and ensure a modern look. The manufacturer of the lights sells them through its own online shop. The taillights currently cost 849 euros and will be shipped across Europe with DHL. The manufacturer promises delivery to Germany within three to five working days.

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